Challenges for business Microsoft in China

By | 10.12.2018

Problems for business Microsoft in China

Проблемы для бизнеса Microsoft в Китае

The Microsoft in China has delayed the market debut of the new gaming system Xbox One, which is one of the key products of the company. The software giant has decided to postpone the start of sales. It is assumed that this decision is dictated by the investigation, which Chinese authorities have begun against the American company.

Xbox One debuts in China at the end of the year, reports Reuters, citing information from Microsoft. In accordance with the plan, the console was supposed to go on sale in China on 23 September, i.e. today. Entertainment device will cost $ 600 complete with Kinect — $700.

Leading players in the games industry got the opportunity to attack Chinese market at the beginning of the year, when the government lifted the 13 year ban on sale of gaming consoles in the country. Analysts expect that the Chinese market gaming products will reach $ 10 billion in 2015.

According to market observers, Microsoft was not able in time to launch Xbox One in China due to problems of the company in the Asian country. Recently against the company was initiated antitrust review, and before that the authorities have blocked the service OneDrive and banned the use of Windows 8 in government offices.

UPDATE: the Console will launch in China at the end of the year, and September 29.

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