CCleaner has got the support of Windows 10

By | 09.12.2018

CCleaner has got the support of Windows 10

CCleaner обзавелся поддержкой Windows 10CCleaner, one of the most downloaded tools to clean and optimize Windows, has been updated and with it received the support of Windows 10. Thus, starting with version 4.19.4867, the program has become fully compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Computer users who have installed Windows 10 can download the latest version from the official page of CCleaner by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

As you probably know, CCleaner allows you to quickly clean the system from temporary and log files that are created by the operating system. Moreover, the tool helps to get rid of junk files generated by third-party apps. CCleaner officially supports Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, WinRAR, Adobe Reader, and dozens of other applications. If necessary, you can extend support for third-party applications by installing a free utility called CCEnhancer, which adds support for over 1,000 new programs from third party developers.

In addition to cleaning the system, CCleaner is good for optimization of the operating system by removing unwanted programs from startup list. This small program is also able to remove programs that for some reason are not removed from the system through the window «Programs and features».

CCleaner обзавелся поддержкой Windows 10CCleaner обзавелся поддержкой Windows 10CCleaner обзавелся поддержкой Windows 10

One of the very useful but often overlooked features of CCleaner is the ability to delete individual system restore point. If you use the «system Restore», most likely, you know that Windows does not allow you to remove restore points. Ie you can delete them, but you need to turn off the restore function that will delete all system restore points. If you have multiple restore points, and you want to remove only some of them, CCleaner is the ideal tool to do this.

Also in the composition of CCleaner has a very good registry cleaner, and this means that you don’t need to look for another software to clean and defragment your Windows registry.

In General, this is a fantastic tool which is now officially compatible with Windows 10.

CCleaner from the official website of the developer

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