Causes error 678 when connecting to the Internet

By | 10.12.2018

The causes of error 678 when connecting to the Internet

The Internet basically is a network of networks designed to store and transfer different types of information. The architecture is based on the TCP/IP Protocol.

Due to the fact that the world network has a history of development, openness and other equipment to connect to servers produced by different manufacturers, for devices that have different connection protocols and as a consequence – the inability to avoid intermittent errors. Of course, the vendors make every effort so that the user is not faced with such difficulties, but they are pretty common.

What do you mean

Error 678 when connecting to the Internet means that the server queried the modem did not respond to a request from the computer. Simply put, there is no communication between the computer and the ISP.

Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету


  1. problems with the cable through which you are connecting;
  2. not included or damaged the modem;
  3. problems with the correct drivers modem;
  4. virus or spyware affect the correct operation of the equipment;
  5. in the case of using a third-party antivirus program or firewall it is possible to block operation of the equipment;
  6. you must restore the Winsock.

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How to fix the problem:


You must make sure that the network cable is connected to the modem. Such action means not only the connection itself, you need to check if there are any defects in the cable.

To check the crimp «Jack», to check whether the data going to the modem. Need to do I start to choose the run tab and set the ping if the packet passes, it will return the answer «OK».

Network adapter

You need to check the status of the network adapter. To do this, go to the start menu click run and enter ncpa.cpl, and then click OK. When the option is available, select «include».

Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету

Manipulation of the modem

Very often the cause of errors becomes the modem itself, the network device essentially is the same computer which is responsible for redirecting incoming data, it can just «unresponsive».

  1. disconnect the cable from the device;
  2. to turn off the modem if you click no, remove the cord from the electrical outlet, wait a few minutes;
  3. to activate the modem and connect the cable.

Reinstalling modem drivers

In order to do so, you must download from the manufacturer’s website network equipment, the latest drivers:

  1. go to device Manager, you need to enter the menu «start», right-click on my computer tab and select «device Manager» in the list of hardware choose modem and remove the equipment;
  2. reboot;

    Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету

  3. again go to device Manager, now on the list to display the unknown device, right-click and choose update info. Specify the path to the folder where the downloaded driver;
  4. to restart the computer.

    Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету

A reboot is required, as it is necessary that all the changes came into force.

The installation of a new connection

  1. go to network connections, this can be done through «start» in the run tab to gain ncpa.cpl, or go through the control panel;
  2. select «New connection» and click «Next»;
  3. to select the connection manually and click «Next»;
  4. choose «manual Connection requires name and password of the user», click «Next»;

    Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету

  5. enter the data provided by the provider;
  6. if provided BY a special provider, you must use mandatory/

Restore Winsock

  1. go to the start menu, select run tab, type «netsh winsock reset» and press Enter.
  2. when you start the flashing command prompt, to reboot your computer.

Other actions to resolve the issues:

  1. check with your antivirus the viruses, malware and spyware on the machine. Now quite a lot of antivirus programs that are distributed under free license. Even such programs will be able to identify most of the malware;
  2. to temporarily turn off firewalls and antivirus software. Very often there is such problem, as they perceive the traffic transmitted via the modem as an attempt to attack or illegal data transfer, and therefore block the connection. If after disabling the issue is resolved, the settings of the software, you must make exceptions for modem connections;

    Причины ошибки 678 при подключении к интернету

  1. delete all temporary Internet files. For this you need to run all the browsers that are used to go into the settings and delete all the files.

Error 678 when connecting to the Internet Windows XP

Depending on the version of the operating system error code may vary, but the cause of one computer failed to get a response from the server. When you click connect, you receive the error 678 Windows XP, 651 – Windows 7, 815 – Windows Vista. The procedure for removing the cause, the principle is the same for all OS.

Reasons for problems can be many and no one is immune, but that’s no reason to call support, which can just be brushed off as often. Each alone can correct the problem yourself.

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