Causes and solutions when itunes freezes when connecting iphone

By | 10.12.2018

Causes and solutions when itunes hangs when connecting iphone

Owners of devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may experience one unpleasant problem – iTunes freezes when you connect your device. The causes of this phenomenon and solutions to this problem are discussed later.


Causes of unresponsiveness can hide in:

  • obsolete or failed;
  • the problem with the automatic sync;
  • installed podcasts;
  • the account itself;
  • the action of viruses and spyware.

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

Basic Troubleshooting

Let’s look at each of these cases and ways to fix this problem.


If itunes hangs when connecting iphone, the first of the possible causes could be an error in the software. It can also occur if the device for a long time was not updated and not able to correctly display the new version of the program.

Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

In this case, you must perform the following steps:

  • using Windows update to install the latest firmware version for your computer (recommended only for the official builds);
  • update iTunes client by downloading it through the Apple Updater or by downloading the latest version from the official website.

Video: Restore iPhone 5 using iTunes

Disabling auto-sync

Lockups can also be due to the process of automatic synchronization. If you receive this problem, you must first disable it.

This can be done in the following way:

  1. go to the menu «edit» and then select «Settings»;
  2. click on the Devices tab;

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

  3. activate «Prevent automatic syncing…» placing a tick next to it;
  4. click «OK» and close the menu.

Then reconnect the device. If the problem no longer appears, this means that its cause was a certain type of content. What do we do in this case?

To completely eliminate the problem you need to:

  1. synchronization menu disable all types of content;
  2. perform the synchronization;
  3. alternately include each type and tested for the appearance of unresponsiveness;
  4. the designated problem type that you want to delete from the device.

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

Disabling podcasts and external modules

Sometimes freeze results in a large number of saved podcasts. To correct the problem just remove them by selecting the editions in the list and clicking «Remove». After that you must restart your iPhone or iPad, reconnect to computer and try to log in.

Other ways to get rid of the problems

In that case, if the previous solution freeze-up issues did not help, you need to check its presence when connected to another computer:

  1. close the iTunes client;
  2. go to the disk, in the Users folder, select the user name;
  3. next, open «Application Data» and «Apple Computer»;

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

  4. then «iTunes» and «plugins»;
  5. cut all files from this folder and copy them to the desktop;
  6. again open the program and check for problems.

Attention! On the testing PC is running the latest version of iTunes with all updates.

Next, we explain in more detail about the intricacies of check the device with another PC and fix the freezing when you start a new account.

The repetition of problems with the new account

To check if you can reproduce the freezes while using the new account, we need to begin to create it:

  1. open the menu «start» choose «control Panel»;
  2. click on «Add or remove user accounts»;
  3. select «Create» and follow the simple instructions;
  4. then again click on the «start» button and select «logout»;
  5. again go to the system as a new user;
  6. open iTunes and check if this solves the problem.

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

If the client froze again, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. to test, PC antivirus, removing all malicious objects;
  2. to remove from startup all the optional elements that can cause problems;
  3. to upgrade a personal computer.
  4. in the critical case – to restore factory settings on iPhone or iPad.

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

Please note! To resort to the restore factory settings the device is only in extreme cases. If it is recognized on another computer, you should try other measures.

If you have no choice but to make a full backup of the device, it is important to take care of the following:

  • to save all important data using the network connection, simply by forwarding them to your email address;
  • make a backup copy of the file, saving it on the computer.

    Причины и решения когда itunes зависает при подключении iphone

With a new account the device is working properly

What if after creating a new account the problem is gone?

In this case, to restore functionality we need:

  1. restart the device;
  2. to log in using the old account;
  3. to create a new library;
  4. to check for errors.

If the problem is resolved, exit iTunes and return to a previous version of your library by doing the following:

  • re-run the program, hold down the Shift key;
  • in the resulting menu, select and restore the file library that was used previously (by default it is in the directory «My musicalita»).

We examined the most common reasons to freeze iTunes when it is started. Following simple instructions, a user without special difficulties will be able to resolve this issue. If you have any questions or comments – use the comment form located below the article.

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