Causes and solutions for which the IPhone does not turn on

By | 10.12.2018

Causes and solutions for which the IPhone is not included

As with any other smartphone, iPhone also can happen unpleasant situation. They are associated with both software and mechanical part of the device.

In this article we will discuss different types of problems you might face, and offer solutions to them.


The first category of problems – software that are not insured, even a new smartphone.

In this case, appear the following «symptoms»:

  • the device begins to slow down;
  • unable to open desktop.
  • application not responding;
  • RAM is overloaded for some unknown reason.

    Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

Why do they appear? Primarily this is due to:

  1. attempts to independently perform Jailbreak (open system);
  2. blockage of the smartphone a large number of applications that require access to the network, leading to congestion of the operating system;
  3. the loss of a password, leading to blocking of the apparatus.

To solve these problems is quite simple – trust the professionals of Jailbreak or to restore the machine after him, to remove unwanted apps or disable their access to the network, to recover your password.


Next, we consider problems related to technical malfunctions of the telephone.

They can appear in the following cases:

  • at the factory marriage;
  • violation of the conditions;
  • damage to the smartphone and its details due to the fall, moisture or impact.

    Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

In most cases the fault is directly associated with a damaged screen or casing that allows you to simply replace these parts. When exposed to moisture or contamination phone (connectors, buttons, a touchscreen, speakers) can help simple drying or cleaning.

Damage the motherboard and the CPU situation is much more complicated to resolve their issues only through complete replacement of these parts. Below we will discuss other cases of mechanical damage of the iPhone.

The power controller

One of the common problems associated with the power controller – a small detail, the failure of which leads to a rapid loss of charge. The user does not have time to blink as the phone is completely dead. The first thing you can try to replace the battery, but this is only one of the possible options for such a situation.

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

First, let’s make sure it’s really in damage to the power controller.

Needs to be in the presence of the following signs:

  • iPhone does not turn off, and rebooted;
  • the battery rapidly drops;
  • the level of remaining charge is not displayed correctly;
  • the smartphone heats up more than usual;
  • problems again with the new battery.

    Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

Attention! The repair of this part is rather laborious and requires special skills in the process. In the presence of these symptoms we recommend to contact the service center.


The ingress of the apparatus into the water – one of the main fears of smartphone owners. What to do when iPhone fell in water and will not turn on?

In this situation, you must act without delay:

  1. remove the phone from the water, and if he didn’t pass out himself, do it;
  2. as the iPhone is impossible to pull the battery – just wipe it after water;
  3. if you have the necessary tools and you have the necessary skills – it is possible to disassemble the housing to expedite drying;
  4. contact the service center.

    Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

The voltage drops

You are concerned about the rapid discharge of the smartphone? It may also be due to incorrect power supply, especially if you use non-original charger. This can cause irreparable damage to the battery and allow to voltage drops, from which a smartphone can burn.

To avoid unnecessary costs for the repair of the motherboard and battery recommends charging to replace the original.

Old battery

Battery iPhone, of course, is not eternal. Over time, the machine starts to drain faster and even disabled completely. To help there can be only one remedy – replace the battery.

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

To prolong battery life, please pay attention to the following tips:

  • always charge the phone to 100%, avoid frequent short charges;
  • use the original charger;
  • do not restart the phone with unnecessary apps – their work also affects the aging of the battery.


iPhone not included

iPhone not included – one of the most terrifying user situations. What are the reasons? This will be discussed later.

Because of the broken charging connector

This case is associated with the inability to charge the device. This is a very common failure that occurs when a critical contamination of the charging connector. Also the connector can simply be broken by careless try to charge the phone.

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

You can try to solve the problem yourself, having cleaned the connector, but it is not always possible at home. If contaminated, the best solution is to contact the experts.

After flashing

This problem occurs during the firmware when the phone turns off suddenly.

There may be two explanations:

  • out of order NAND Flash is a special chip responsible for storing data on the device: photos, videos, and applications;
  • out of order Nor Flash chip, which produces a calibration operators, which can lead not only to turn off the device, but further the inability to make calls.

In any of these cases, no need to panic – will help the new device firmware.

After falling from height

The reason this causes problems if the user dropped the phone, is quite clear. Most of it lies in disconnecting one of the cables leading to the battery, the screen or the power button.

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

If a strong blow could cause problems and more serious – violation of soldering on the motherboard or failure of one of the chips. If you have the necessary skills you may try to fix the damage yourself, unleash your smartphone and connecting the problematic loop. If not, you will have to contact the service center.

After display replacement

Is another common problem. Its basically the reason is improper Assembly or problems with the ribbon cable leading to the screen. To fix the problem yourself by disassembling the casing and checking the problematic plume, or with the help of a specialist.

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

After a factory reset

If iPhone is not activated after reset, can help the following procedure:

  • connect your phone to computer and run iTunes;
  • download the latest firmware;
  • hold down the keys «Home» and «Power»;

    Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

  • after the display goes off, wait a few seconds and release «Power»;
  • keeps the «Nome» of about 15 seconds;
  • begin the process of recovery, which will solve the problem.

When charging

Disconnect the device when charging is most often associated with problems of non-original battery or charging. It can also be due to the breakage of the power controller, which we mentioned above.

After jailbreak

The devices hang after jailbreak is another common problem.

It can be solved as follows:

  1. connect your phone to the computer;
  2. switch it off;
  3. run iTunes;
  4. hold down both «Home» and «Power»;
  5. release the power button and continue to hold «Home» for another 15 seconds;
  6. let go Home and wait for device detection program;
  7. restore it and repeat the jailbreak.

After a reboot

What to do if the phone does not start after a reboot and only vibrates? Will help in this case force restart. To do this, just hold down the buttons «Home» and «Power» for a few seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Attention! Force restart does not delete any data from the device. To hold it even in that case, if the screen went dark, and the buttons aren’t responding.


On the IPhone the Apple lit and is not included

This problem occurs after pressing the «Power» button. It is often called «white Apple», because the download the device gets stuck on the corporate logo. Forced reboot (holding down power button and «Home») in this case is most often not working. What should I do?

Причины и решения по которым Айфон не включается

The solution is quite simple:

  1. turn off the smartphone using force restart (hold down and hold «Home» and «Power»), wait for activation;
  2. if the problem persists and the unit froze again on the logo – updated the phone software.

Important! It is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the problem was caused by the fault of any app. In this case, it will help its removal.

We considered the most frequent problem leading to the fact that iPhone is not longer activated. We hope that our step by step instructions helped get rid of the problem and restore normal operation of the device.

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