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Gogetlinks: slow death Donar site

Starting to post links to their sites, especially for getting them decent at the reference standards money you soar in the sky, thinking that the world is at your feet. At first, you write the article and believe that the reference in quality content will save your site from search engine penalties. However, sooner or… Reed more »

Rules and suggestions in the system or any GoGetLinks optimizers wishes GoGetLinks system to perform better

Registration in the system GoGetLinks Rules and suggestions in the system or any GoGetLinks optimizers wishes GoGetLinks system to perform better Some SEOs who work with the system gogetlinks paint job in such detail that bothers to read. Some requirements, rather, wishes to the task appear rude, but this is largely the result of poor… Reed more »

What is the link exchange

What is the link exchange Exchange links it — a special service provided by the site opportunities for webmasters and SEO to earn income. For each — in different ways: For webmasters — sell links to sites for SEO — buy links on other sites Selling links through the exchange of links is a good… Reed more »

Link Exchange

Link exchange is one of the oldest variants of capacity or performance puzomerok site TCI or PageRank. link exchange idea is that the site A link exchange with a site B and finally site owners expect to increase your site’s metrics. In practice, the exchange of links is rarely effective, since it is necessary to… Reed more »

Indicators website: PR (Google)

PR or PageRank (Page Rank) is the «puzomerki» Google search system. And if you want to gain the approval of the search engine, it is necessary to ensure that the PR of your site has been as high as possible, out of a maximum 10. So what is PageRank? PageRank Technology: PageRank estimates the importance… Reed more »

Indicators website: TCI (Yandex)

You have heard of the so-called «puzomerki» or site performance. Including such record as TCI. TIC is themed citation index Yandex. This affects the display position in the search. But speaking bektivno, this figure is much more important for those who earn money on the links. Living TIC customer needs first and foremost to compan,… Reed more »

GetGoodLinks system

Registration in the system GetGoodLinksGetGoodLinks system is quite successful and the younger child GoGetLinks system focused on Google, which simplifies the creation of sites for this system. These sites take a PR, but the task can be performed on the zero pages. A page with a PR are more expensive. The scheme is the same… Reed more »

GoGetLinks system

Registration in the system GoGetLinks GoGetLinks system is — a new word in website promotion. And if you want your website to stay afloat note on this system. The GGL accept only quality sites, quite a few sites, and for the right to work in the system are actively fighting. Goguettes lynx accepts sites with… Reed more »

Exchange links XAP

One of the main factors affecting the position of the site in search engines is the quality and quantity of inbound links to a website. The more thematic inbound links to the site — the better the effect. But we are talking about thousands of links and nothing else. Accordingly, you need a tool to… Reed more »