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What is toner on a printer

What is toner on a printer Any special equipment, including printers, needs professional maintenance and periodic refilling of cartridges with the coloring substance. Common print this category is a laser printer that uses toner. Laser printing device is widely demanded in companies and organizations working with large volumes of documentation. What it is The toner… Reed more »

What is the card reader in the computer

What is a card reader in the computer Understanding computer technology, often the question arises: what is a reader? To answer it, is more detail to understand this topic. This thing has long been popular. It is used by professionals and ordinary fans, who often have to transfer information from one place to another. What… Reed more »

What is a driver?

What is the driver? A computer driver is a type of software that has the purpose to inform the operating system how to operate the equipment. The driver is like a translator or mediator between the hardware and the operating system. For some devices there are drivers? For memory (RAM) does not . For all… Reed more »

What is a RAM disc and how can it be useful?

What is RAM drive and how can it be useful? Technology that allows you to use part of system RAM as an extra disk device, known for a long time – since the early 80-ies of the last century. And logic dictates that most widely it should be used today when RAM memory is cheap… Reed more »

What is IPV6 and why you need it

What is IPV6 and why you need it Consider the Protocol of a new type every year captures an increasing number of segments in the Internet. Its distribution is restricted to outdated equipment. It’s the latter can support the work with a system of this type only after a major upgrade or not support it… Reed more »

What is a 3G tablet

What is a 3G tablet Many people buy tablet for entertainment, using it for gaming, watching movies and listening to music. Choosing a model for yourself, each takes into account its characteristics, such as: operation time without recharging; the speed of the graphics and the Central processor; the size and screen parameters; the amount of… Reed more »

Rates and some characteristics of Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Prices and some specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Recently there was a rumor that along with the Surface mini, Microsoft will introduce the Surface Pro 3. It probably will, as WPCentral reports that the existence of the Surface Pro 3 is not a figment of someone’s imagination. Both tablets will be presented next Tuesday… Reed more »

design and operation of solid state hard drives

The structure and operation for solid state drives Solid state hard drives for computer gadgets that can store various data and to carry out the processing with a very high speed. The secret of high performance lies in a fundamentally different device this gadget. There are no rotating pancakes, over which hovers a writing head… Reed more »

Fixed errors if the printer wants to print

Correct errors, if the printer wants to print The printer is a device for printing digital data. Today, almost everyone has such equipment at home. There are many different models. Divide them as the principle of printing (laser, inkjet, dot matrix), and functionality (printing, support of various formats, pre-processing, two-sided printing). Whatever modern was not… Reed more »