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MediaTek will unveil the prototype 5G chip already in 2017

MediaTek will unveil the prototype 5G chip by the end of 2017 It is expected that MediaTek will complete the development of 5G of the sample chip by the end of 2017 and will begin testing its 5G solutions in 2018, according to industry sources. «Solutions arrive on time, when operators will launch advanced mobile… Reed more »

New features of Windows 10 will only be available on new PCs

To get access to new features of Windows 10, users will have to buy a new computer Earlier Microsoft reported that some of the computer is blocked from installing all future updates to Windows 10. To get access to new functions that the software manufacturer creates and implements improvements to the operating system, affected users… Reed more »

the Calculator Windows 10 got a new feature: currency conversion

Calculator Windows 10 can now convert currency Windows 10 Update Fall Creators got a very useful tool: calculator, currency. A new feature integrated in Windows calculator 10, and allows users to easily convert different currencies in just few seconds. Since then, as Microsoft has launched Windows 10, the most popular user requests for feedback was… Reed more »