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an Amazing concept, the start menu to Windows 8.2

An amazing concept, the start menu to Windows 8.2 Jay Machalani, 20-year-old designer who loves Windows 8. Like many users, he is confident that the operating system is moving in the right direction, but believes that the current UI design required additional revisions. So he spent about three months trying to find the optimal solution… Reed more »

uninstall programs in Windows via context menu

Uninstall programs in Windows via the context menu Windows operating system includes a utility to uninstall programs from the computer, but users are every time you have to open the dialog box and view the list of installed apps before you delete them. Today we will tell you about a simple solution called Windows Uninstaller… Reed more »

Remote access to Android device from PC with TeamViewer

Remote access Android device from PC using TeamViewer In the process of developing a software project for remote access TeamViewer is one of the areas chosen platform. Today TeamViewer offers a remote connection not only between computers with desktop operating systems, but also between the latter and the devices based on mobile platforms. Among them… Reed more »

Deleted files – can I recover and how?

Deleted files can be recovered and how? Deleting files from your computer accidentally or unintentionally may be serious, sometimes very serious problem. When users encounter it, most of them usually start to panic, but the reasons for the dramatic reactions is not always available. The complete and final destruction of the recorded files is actually… Reed more »

Increasing disk space virtual machine on Hyper-V

Increase disk space of virtual machine on Hyper-V In the process of creating virtual machines on Hyper-V at some stage, the hypervisor provides for the connection of the virtual hard disk. If you connect a new hard drive, the default is to create it with the size of 127 GB. If you select a fixed… Reed more »

New iPhone 8 will have a radical redesign

The new iPhone 8 will see a radical redesign In the Network appeared information about the new features of iPhone 8. Through the media were brought together information from various insiders. The upcoming flagship will be original compared to other devices from the company. Journalists believe that Americans would be a radical redesign. Gordon Kelly… Reed more »

Microsoft has another offer for Apple clients

Microsoft has another offer for customers Apple Microsoft has a habit of offering money in exchange for products from other companies. This time Redmond has launched an attractive campaign to promote the brand new Surface Pro 3. The company is ready to provide $ 650 to MacBook Air owners in the U.S. and Canada to… Reed more »

Microsoft had several different controller options for Xbox One

Microsoft had several different controller options for the Xbox One Earlier in the week, Microsoft held a brief presentation of the new controller for the Xbox One, which looks like a standard gamepad, but during an interview with the editors of the website Kotaku Zulfi Alam, Microsoft said that the company had more than enough… Reed more »