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Application Calculator^2 has been updated and become generic

App Calculator^2 has been updated and has become a universal Although the Windows 10 operating system initially contains calculator app, many users will prefer it more functional solution, what is the Calculator^2. Recently this app has been converted to universal, and therefore can be installed on the PC, on tablets and on smartphones with Windows… Reed more »

the Photos App (Windows 10 Preview) now enables you to create albums

The Photos app (Windows 10 Preview) now enables you to create albums Microsoft continues to improve the built-in Windows 10 universal apps. At this time the company has released an update for the Photos app, which brings one anticipated feature, namely the ability to create albums. After upgrading to version 918.14122, which covers both mobile… Reed more »

the Video App in Windows 8.1 now natively support MKV

The Video app in Windows 8.1 now natively support MKV A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be «out of the box» to support free multimedia container, MKV, and earlier this year the company added support for MKV to the Xbox One. Now Microsoft has rolled out a new update to their… Reed more »

dashboard Xbox One video

Dashboard Xbox One video Wait for the new game consoles is not long, and we already know almost all aspects of the Xbox One from Microsoft. Now, however, you can see the menu of this console. Microsoft gave only hints regarding the new dashboard, but thanks to Jackson Carter, who published a two-minute video, you… Reed more »

the Premiere of the new Surface tablets

Premiere of the new Surface tablets The first generation Surface tablets from Microsoft failed miserably, but in spite of this, the company has not abandoned their attempts to break into this market and today in new York presented the next. As expected, the new tablet has significantly updated hardware, and will be released on October… Reed more »

the Premiere of a Surface Pro 3 next week?

Premiere Surface Pro 3 next week? Microsoft has already informed media representatives that, on 20 may, she will hold a special event during which, as expected, we will witness the premiere of the Surface mini. However, it is likely that this will not be the only tablet that we will see this day as the… Reed more »

Presentation of the Apple of the eyes of the user Microsoft

Apple eyes Microsoft user Last night held another the September presentation Apple. I’m sure many of you watched it, because «magic Apple» attracts including users of the mill Microsoft or Google. I also did not remain aloof from this great event and now I want to praise Apple for its achievements, of course, not without… Reed more »

Presented the first tablet with Windows 10 Mobile

Presents the first tablet with Windows Mobile 10 The intention of Microsoft to bring down the market of compact tablets running Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a secret, but so far none of the producers dared to release such a device. To translate this intention into reality prepares Chinese company Sunty. The manufacturer presented… Reed more »