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We are looking into the Napoleons

… We all learned a little, something and somehow, So raise the glory of God, We do not wonder to shine … Since then, these words took a long time have been written. But human nature is such that the desire to show itself in all its beauty and power of winning everything. That’s why… Reed more »

What does not kill site makes it stronger?

On the creation and promotion of a website can be a lot to talk nicely and even more beautiful, you can talk about earnings in the Internet. You can talk about what you have planned everything, everything is thought out and act in accordance with the plan. However, experience shows that to make big money… Reed more »

Eternal themes

If you want to create the right site, then you need to choose the right topic. Of course, if you create a website for yourself, for the soul, the topic is not so important. You can write about the breeding of cockroaches at home, to publish information that you did last night, even if your… Reed more »

How to create a profitable website?

Since then, as a society divided into classes there are those who dream to become rich. The treasure hunters, pirates, miners, and other gentlemen of fortune flooded the planet. It would seem that today they were in the past. However, the one who is looking for easy money is ineradicable. criminals of all kinds —… Reed more »

Quality texts for websites

Today a lot of talk about what the site should be high-quality, optimized texts in moderation, since the search engines prefer to find it in such texts. Although in reality this is not always true. But high-quality content, no doubt valuable. However, if you do not write the text, the content for the site will… Reed more »

Google Filters in proverbs and sayings: Bombing filter

Proverbs, pogovrki, aphorisms, idioms and fables describe our lives, briefly and succinctly convey the essence of phenomena. And the CEO, as part of our life is also quite describe in words proverbs and sayings. And I’d like to show you how you can describe the SEO processes tongue shaped and bright. You can start with… Reed more »