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How do I delete photos and photo albums in Odnoklassniki

Man, just register your profile on any social network, it is easy to «calculate» — the abundance of photos, notes and other information about yourself, which he lays out safely to the network. The same pattern is observed in the most popular of today ‘s social networks — Odnoklassniki ( Later, tired to fend off… Reed more »

How to retire from Gmail: simple ways

Several years ago, to have your own account to Gmail was a really prestigious. Overseas server, reliable, supported sites, not taking registration for or Now we can observe the opposite trend: many users close their accounts at Why? Most likely, this is due to Google’s policy, which the server belongs. Although it… Reed more »

How to leave the Instagramma: how to delete your account Instagram

Instagram pretty quickly gained worldwide popularity without exaggeration. And it was predictable: a mobile service, comfortable, sleek, smartly working, not burdened with unnecessary advertising and branding protected from spam and unwanted mailings. But times are changing — Instagramm bought Facebook-th, and for big money, hinting at further useful for potential service bought. For users of… Reed more »

How to remove your photos from Instagram

Who knows why it wanted to remove photos previously posted on the Internet? Maybe it seems a bad photo or just bored? Maybe there were more interesting picture you want to share. And maybe, the user decided to change the theme of the gallery and some pictures under it do not fit. Anyway, the reasons… Reed more »

Deleting a channel on YouTube: easier

Youtube Video Hosting needs no introduction. Its know probably everything. Even those who are on it, and does not come, it is still familiar with its name and content, sprawling on other websites and social networks. Service divides members into several categories. Some people only watch videos that does not even require registration. The second… Reed more »