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How to remove Yandex purse and can I do it?

How can I remove Yandex purse: two current method The electronic wallet is difficult to name some technical know-how, and certainly, the more novelty. Thus, an essential attribute of Internet users — no more, no less. After all, to make purchases and money transfers, pay for services in a network with them, of course, more… Reed more »

How to Remove Webmoney wallet and can it be done?

How to remove a purse and WMID in the system Webmoney? Do not waste your time, do not break your head and do not terrorize the search engines trying to find the answer to the question «how to remove Webmoney wallet?» To do this, alas, it is impossible! Your e-mail account (WMID), together with all… Reed more »

How to Remove Kiwi purse (to retire from QIWI)

How to remove unwanted QIWI-purse The reasons for removing the purse in the payment system QIWI can be several. Firstly, it was necessary for you to use only one time, and now you come to the phone constantly annoying messages. Secondly, you have lost that same SIM card to which was attached a purse, and… Reed more »