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What to do, freezes Mozilla Firefox

What hangs Mozilla Firefox Inhibiting or completely freezes the software, quite frequently occurring phenomenon. Almost every day everyone is faced with a similar problem. To write code that will behave impeccably in any situation is extremely difficult, as the number of different situations in the behavior of users is very large and predict its not… Reed more »

What to do if Opera doesn’t open the page

What to do if Opera doesn’t open the pages When working with Safari as with any program, there may be a number of problems. The most common among them – lock pages or errors when you open the browser itself. In this article we will discuss the most common reasons for their occurrence and suggest… Reed more »

What to do if there is no Internet connection on the computer?

What to do if there is no Internet connection on the computer? The problem is the connection to the Internet, you may experience under different circumstances. The reason may be cabling problems, incorrect configuration of the modem or the router or the problems arising directly from the provider, providing access to the Internet. All problems,… Reed more »

What to do in the Opera ad pop up?

What to do in the Opera ad pop up? When switching to sites pop up banners, open additional pages, which are not only distracting and annoying, and, incidentally, eat up precious bandwidth. And instead of a cognitive view of colorful proposals, there is a feeling of visual imposition and a failure in stable operation of… Reed more »

Clean cookies in Opera 12

Clean cookies in Opera 12 On any computer holds a massive amount of information, making it more comfortable, but at the same time representing a threat to both device and to the user. With the active use of the Internet computer very quickly clog, as all the visited pages, viewed all files, documents, etc. will… Reed more »

Clean cookies in browser

Clean cookies in browser Every Internet user at least once, but faced with the concept of cookies, often referred to as– cookies. But certainly, not all clearly understand the meaning of this word. Therefore, I propose to investigate, why they are needed. What are cookies A cookie is a small file or data set. This… Reed more »

correction of an error of loss of connection to the Internet

Troubleshoot losing Internet connection You bought a new router, configured the wireless network, but ran into an unexpected problem? The Internet is lost or stopped working altogether? The reasons can be many. In this article we will consider most widespread of them and we will try to offer an efficient solution for each specific case.… Reed more »

the Installation of ABP ad blocker for Yandex Browser

Install the adblocker ABP for Yandex Browser AdBlock Plus is an extension that can be embedded in the structure browser, when it stops to load contextual advertising. Blocks banners, pop-UPS. This not only helps to get rid of the irritating number of advertising materials, but also can protect your computer: it is often through such… Reed more »