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a Microsoft Employee reveals details of Windows Phone 8.2

Microsoft employee reveals details of Windows Phone 8.2 In may will start selling the first smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1, but it started rumors about the next version of mobile OSes from Microsoft. Currently, however, they cannot be considered reliable. Information appeared on the website Reddit from a user who claims that he is a… Reed more »

Screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10135

Screenshots Of Windows 10 Build 10135 At the end of last week Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 for users quick round of updates. The company confirmed that soon this build will be available in a slow circle updates, and with it will be released and the installation disk image. Today’s blog Eyes… Reed more »

Appeared first smartphone with Windows logo

There was the first smartphone with Windows logo A few days ago it was reported that Microsoft will replace the brand «Windows Phone» in «Windows», and now the world was presented the first smartphone that came under this change. The device is called GoFone GF47W and is part of the directory is not a particularly… Reed more »

the Official app Instagram for Windows Phone 8

The official app Instagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram needs no introduction – a popular app for sharing photos and short videos has made a name for itself thanks to iOS and Android. Operating system Windows Phone 8, however, for a long time was limited to third-party (many of which are truly wonderful app) clients… Reed more »