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the Interface of Microsoft Office 2007

The Interface Of Microsoft Office 2007 When upgrading from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 the first thing that catches the eye — the new interface is the top bar. At first glance, do not understand what and where. Many it is frightening and is a limiting factor when upgrading to a new version.… Reed more »

guide to creating a presentation in Microsoft Power Point

How to create a presentation in Microsoft Power Point Quite often during a presentation or report, a presentation of a new program or product, there is a need to visualize before the public some information. The most popular program for this is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 environment to create presentations with different effects. Now virtually any… Reed more »

turn on the ruler in Word 2010

Turn on the ruler in Word 2010 The ruler in Word is a two lines with a scale of graduations located on the top (horizontal) and left (vertical). Left and right are tabs denoting indentation. The default text editor does not display this tool. However, it is easy to include if needed. Why Looking at… Reed more »

Vertical text in Microsoft Word

Vertical text in Microsoft Word If you, for example for ads, you need to make vertical text in Word is easy. On premiere the same ads and consider the solution: Create a table that will contact numbers announcements. Menu «Insert» — «Table». I will make the table 3*1 Fill in each table cell the text… Reed more »

AutoSave in Microsoft Word

AutoSave in Microsoft Word When you work with a Microsoft Word document — you constantly change it. Of course, you do save the changes, but there are in fact failures in the computer and work the last 10 minutes off. Why 10? Because by default, Microsoft Word has auto-save document every 10 minutes. For some… Reed more »

Sway is a new app for Microsoft Office

Sway is a new app for Microsoft Office Soon in the popular office Suite from Microsoft is added a new app. It is called Sway and is designed to help the user to turn their ideas into interactive content, which you can then share on the web. What you can get with the Sway, is… Reed more »