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Programs for reading and editing pdf files

Program for reading and editing pdf files Hardly any other electronic document format to compete with PDF spoken language in the world of digital technology. Because PDF includes in your files, not only text, but also the most diverse schedule. And all this is guaranteed to play on any computer with high quality without any… Reed more »

the benefits of the program MS Excel

The advantages of MS Excel The main advantage of Office Excel is the large number of built-in standard features that allows you to easily and quickly apply different calculations. An inline function is a formula that has been prepared in advance. Before writing it is necessary to enter the » = » sign. Excel provides… Reed more »

Open the file Microsoft Office 2007

To open a 2007 Office file Did you know that you will not be able to just open the document in Office 2007 in earlier versions of Office? Ie if you are using Microsoft Office 2003 — for working with files that have the extension .docx or .docm you need to install the program FileFormatConverters.… Reed more »

MS Office 2013: the use of features and benefits

Features in MS Office 2013 With the products of Microsoft are familiar to most PC users. With the release of Office 2013, the company took the course for corporate use. In particular, the developers provided a number of innovations that simplify the work with the product. Advantages of new version Each program is designed to… Reed more »

Numerate the rows in Excel 2010

Numerate the rows in Excel 2010 Table editor Excel present in the standard Microsoft Office Suite and is widely used for tabulation, graphing, calculations, calculation functions, data storage. The main purpose of this program is to automate the calculation and processing of data arrays. Experienced Excel users know many techniques that allow you to perform… Reed more »

Methods of converting PDF files to Word

Methods of converting PDF files to Word Many computer users probably will not again faced with such a problem. Often during operation, there is a need to select some piece of text, report, or other piece for further work. Conversion programs Today, this question is so urgent, that every user can choose the appropriate best… Reed more »

How to do footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010?

How to make footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010? Footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010 allow you to make the document more interactive and easy to read. In tribute to the skill of their creation will not take more than two seconds, but you need to know some nuances. Why create them A footnote in the document… Reed more »