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Removal of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and what to do if it is not removed?

When it comes to anti-virus software, indifferent among users of PCs and other digital gadgets simply does not remain. Everyone, even a complete «teapot», knows exactly which of the anti-virus is better and why bad one that extols the opponent. In general, this situation is quite explainable: anti-virus should protect your computer against all threats… Reed more »

How to remove WebConnect Ads from your computer

Allow me to introduce, once okolovirusny product: WebConnect Ads! Another specimen, substituting browser start page or overwhelm the user with unnecessary links and banners. The module copies the files to the hard drive, is prescribed in startup, and begins to poison the life of the owner. Remove this mess is quite simple, it is enough… Reed more »

Sponsorship How to remove virus from your computer

Sponsorship — another colorful example of applications that appear on the computer inadvertently or user carelessness. This is another virus that is installed together with another more desired program. In fact, as the majority says, «I really need this file!» Or: «Well, I have to install this program !!!» And what is there requests to… Reed more »

How can I manually remove Yambler

Recently, just an epidemic of viruses on the Internet, substituting the starting page browser-side links. Worse, these same viruses, allow access to your computer, allowing you to use it as a bot in DDOS-attacks and other malware. One of the members of this «family» — Yambler relatively harmless and is intended, apparently, to promote… Reed more »