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Best free antivirus Avast

Antivirus Avast — the best free antivirus In the late 1980s, the Czech programmers Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudisch developed a program to protect computers from malicious programs, which they then called «anti-virus advanced set» ( AVAST). It turned out that the word avast translated to English language means «stop!» And so came the name… Reed more »

How To Remove Antivirus Doctor Web (Dr.Web) from your computer

How to completely remove yourself Dr.Web antivirus Anti of Dr.Web, just like any other anti-virus, OS has higher priority relative to other programs. He was the first loaded when you start your PC to control the launch of applications and processes, monitors all network connections, analyze real-time performance of the system (install, upgrade, start, settings),… Reed more »

Anti-virus utility AVZ 4 — download

Anti-virus utility AVZ is a direct analog of TrojanHunter programs and LavaSoft Ad-aware 6. The primary objective of the program is to remove spyware SpyWare and Trojans Program description: Anti-virus utility AVZ is designed to detect and remove: • SpyWare and AdWare modules — this is the main purpose utility • Dialer completely (Trojan.Dialer) •… Reed more »

How to remove Rising Antivirus (Chinese anti-virus)?

How To Remove Antivirus Rising Antivirus from Windows? Chinese anti-virus software for the inhabitants of Runet — a piece, so to speak about the software application that is causing a lot of impressions. And extremely contradictory: here you and usefulness — yet because anti-virus, after all; and mystery — well, that if there is no… Reed more »

How to remove Avast from your computer completely (in Windows 7/8)

How to remove Avast Free Antivirus / Internet Security / Premier Avast Antivirus with the default settings to protect your folders and files from third-party interference. Developers gave his «survival instinct» in order to increase the level of security of the system. There is a separate category of viruses that incapacitate Windows 7/8 and XP… Reed more »

How to remove Spyhunter 4 from your computer completely

How to remove the utility from the Windows Spyhunter SpyHunter (hunter spies) — a powerful antivirus utility. It has an impressive base of signatures and one of the fastest scanning algorithms. The ability to detect rootkits, keyloggers, Adware / SpyWare modules and other infection that other antivirus solutions «can not see» and passed to the… Reed more »