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Remove the virus from computer

Delete Kaspersky from computer Thanks to the Kaspersky anti-virus user not only protects your personal computer from viruses, but also gets a whole bunch of problems, usually associated with the desire to reinstall the antivirus system or brake operating system. For example, you need to clean your computer from antivirus completely in order to install… Reed more »

Type and authentication technology

Type and authentication technology Despite the fact that many do not know what authentication, each user of a global network daily is found with the procedure of its passage. Some start their day with this operation, others – including the computer, others checking email and visiting web pages of the fourth – in network connection… Reed more »

Comparison and rating free antivirus 2014

Comparing and rating free antivirus 2014 If you are a user that does not use complex programs, and only communicate in social networks, installs the game, creates working documents and stores some information in the form of music, photos and videos, the free app that provides protection to the operating system can be ideally suited.… Reed more »

Comparison of antivirus software 2014

Comparison of antivirus programs of 2014 The attackers are trying to break in your operating system to read private information you have stored in the computer. Their task is to make sure that you download and run a malicious file. Here they do an excellent job, masking the virus file under some kind of useful… Reed more »

the best antivirus for Windows

The best antivirus for Windows To protect your computer from malicious programs using special programs. Their work is rapid detection and removal of hazards. When working on the Internet they filter the incoming data so as not to miss a threat. There are a huge number of antivirus programs. They all work for the same… Reed more »

Rasirena manual check your computer for viruses

Rasirena manual check your computer for viruses Currently, there are malicious programs distributed via the Internet that can damage RAM, hard disk and other devices for replacement which would have to spend a considerable amount of money. It is worth mentioning, and about popular method of fraud with the use of modern technology – identity… Reed more »

Why is it important to quality antivirus protection?

Why is it important to quality antivirus protection? One of the main threats to information security of the company to this day remains virus attack. The fight against computer viruses – this is a classic «competition of armor and the projectile.» The emergence of new viruses leads to the emergence of new, more powerful means… Reed more »

Complete removal of ESET NOD32 antivirus from your computer

A complete uninstall of ESET NOD32 antivirus from the computer Antivirus ESET NOD32 is the best product in its class. It is easy to use and, of course, well protected from the numerous threats that threaten the security of the computer. Sometimes there are cases when the antivirus you want to remove, (for example, to… Reed more »

How to disable self-protection Norton Internet Security

How to disable self-protection, Norton Internet Security Inexperienced users are not recommended to make an active intervention in the operation of all utilities and applications installed on the computer. However, there are cases when it is necessary. Why disable The composition of any anti-virus includes a component that protects it from various harmful effects. So,… Reed more »