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Manager password RoboForm got a version for Windows 8/RT

Password Manager RoboForm got a version for Windows 8/RT Perhaps those of you who use software to manage passwords, has made its choice in favor of LastPass or RoboForm. While the first of these programs available in the Windows Store for quite a long time, the official RoboForm app for Windows 8 was released just… Reed more »

RoxPlayer media Player with support for playback of video torrents

RoxPlayer media player with support for playback of video torrents RoxPlayer might be considered unremarkable player, one of the many media players for Windows, built on the platform of VLC, if not its distinguishing feature – the ability to play torrent video online. About the program RoxPlayer RoxPlayer allows you to view online any video… Reed more »

the Windows Store: How to fix error code 0x8e5e0530

Windows store: How to fix error code 0x8e5e0530 Whenever we want to download a new app or update an already installed application in Windows 8.1, we head straight to the Windows Store. However, our intent may prevent various errors that not infrequently accompany the process of downloading and installing the modern app. We have previously… Reed more »

the Windows Store: how to manually check for updates

Windows store: how to manually check for updates By default, Windows 8.1 modern app updates automatically. This, however, does not mean that applications receive the updates without delay, so the operating system gives us the ability to check for new updates manually. I am convinced from my own experience, that such a possibility know not… Reed more »

Controlling the use of PC is now easy and convenient

To control the use of PC just now: Time Boss 2.36 App Time Boss 2.36 is a program that provides the possibility of limiting the operating time of PC, as well as the time spent on the web. Also, with Time Boss you have the option of drawing up a list of applications forbidden to… Reed more »

Converting video for the psp

Convert video for psp Good time of day. I have gotten like that for her daughter, PSP (really Chinese , but neither che, has been working for half a year). And painfully I liked the ability to connect the PSP to the TV , as this engineering marvel, there are TV — out. Agree —… Reed more »

Punto Switcher: key challenges, advantages and disadvantages

Key features and capabilities Punto Switcher Now there is no need every time to pay to spend time switching keyboard layouts while typing. The smart program will automatically install the correct – instead of «CCC» obtained in error, You will receive need «WWW». Punto Switcher sees what the currently typed keys and invalid combination of… Reed more »

MediaGet: key characteristics and functionality

Key features and capabilities MediaGet MediaGet recently gaining great popularity on the Internet. This program is one of the analogues of uTorrent, but it has a lot more opportunities, because in addition to downloading torrent files, it has its own personal media list. The advantages and disadvantages MediaGet The client is designed for a range… Reed more »

the Camera in the laptop works, and the Skype does not appear

The camera in the laptop works, and the Skype does not appear One of the most popular programs all over the world – Skype. An application that allows you to make high-quality reliable voice and video communication via the Internet, enjoys a well-deserved trust of millions of users. However, every program has its weaknesses. The… Reed more »

What RAM is the best?

What RAM is the best? Although in recent years the question of the optimal amount of memory (RAM) is not as prevalent as before, today, it is still of concern to many users. In recent times, even the cheapest computers have at least 4GB of memory – a number that once seemed unthinkable, and is… Reed more »