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Installation and setup UltraISO

Installation and setup UltraISO UltraISO is a utility designed for creating and editing disk images. It can help completely change the files that are inside the image, pull them out or Vice versa to add. In addition to creating ISO images from CDs and hard drive, you can create a bootable CD, for example, to… Reed more »

how to reset Windows password

How to reset Windows password EsrBoot Supported localized versions of Windows. The product detects all Windows installations in the system and allows to save password hashes for further research. If your test computer does not have DVD drive (such as on laptops, increasingly common), will have to create the bootable USB drive. To create a… Reed more »

Ways to clean the memory cache of computer

How to clean a cache memory of the computer To the speed of your PC did not fall for mysterious reasons, and you don’t have to call experts to solve this problem, in this article we will talk about such an important procedure as the cache memory of the computer. Understand the concepts and consider… Reed more »

Create and open disk image file ISO

Creating and opening the disk image file ISO The progress covers all areas of technology, technology is constantly changing and improving. As a result, optical media is almost not used. But the file with the ISO extension, called images, are becoming increasingly popular. The secret is that they contain a full copy of the structure… Reed more »

Shoot video with a web camera laptop

Shoot video web camera laptop Every year, manufacturers produce more interesting and powerful laptops, are equipped with pretty good components, including Web cameras. When purchasing a new device, the modern computer, first of all, become owners of brand new possibilities. Why record video with the camera Today, web cameras are equipped with almost all laptops,… Reed more »

Results of Microsoft for the quarter deteriorated

Microsoft results for the quarter deteriorated Key software products from Microsoft – Windows, Office and server solutions, has lost some of its luster, and their sales in the last fiscal quarter grew only by 4.6% compared with a year earlier, it said in a statement. Growth was weaker than analysts ‘ expectations and below the… Reed more »

Working in the program SketchBook Pro

Work in the program SketchBook Pro Incredibly, in this age of computer technology, where they are used everywhere, there are still some areas of activity in which a person more confidence in their hands, rather than technology. I propose to consider a program that will greatly facilitate Your activities. What is a SketchBook Many already… Reed more »