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Efficient local search in Windows

Efficient local search in Windows The search options built into Windows 7 and 8.x are extremely powerful and useful tools that can help you in seconds to find exactly what you need for your PC: from the private files and system settings to the web pages. Use these settings very easily but there are some… Reed more »

What is a torrent client and how to use it

What is a torrent client and how to use it Torrent file allows you to download from the Internet, any information within a few minutes. Users have access to almost all files, works of authorship, activation keys, movies, upcoming TV screens, music, etc. Extensive palogrande palogrande created by the users of µTorrent, and all information… Reed more »

Wubi: functionality and instructions for use

What is Wubi? Wubi is a pretty ingenious way to install Ubuntu on a computer with Microsoft Windows. It does not have to Petersbutg hard disk partitions. Ubuntu is installing itself directly into the Windows file system, linking all the files and folders that you normally see in the standard section into a single file… Reed more »

What is SSHD drive

What is SSHD drive Today, there are a large number of different types of devices for recording, storing and processing information. One of the most sought-after developments, already firmly entered our life, the SSHD is a hybrid device. He is a regular hard disk, is provided with a section of solid state memory. The principle… Reed more »

What is SAP system

What is SAP system System ERP SAP ERP covers all areas of financial and managerial accounting, personnel management, operational activities and services of the company. Provides full functionality necessary for the implementation of information services self-service Analytics. Automation in industry has become a familiar process. Intelligent controllers control the technological processes in modern enterprises of… Reed more »

What is the function One-Handed in Windows 10 Mobile

What is the function One-Handed in Windows 10 Mobile Yesterday Microsoft released a new preview version of Windows 10 Mobile, which among other things contains a new mode, called One-Handed. As the name suggests, it is designed to simplify the use of the device with one hand. The feature is designed for smartphones with 5… Reed more »

What to burn a disc, iso image

Than burn CD / DVD iso image Present to your attention a couple of free programs which can burn iso image and CD/DVD/Blu-Rey disc. 1. Small CD Writer Is able to write CD/DVD discs, disc images, clean the wheels Can create, write, disk image Automatically determines the recording speed and the type of disc in… Reed more »

What to expect from Microsoft tomorrow

What to expect from Microsoft tomorrow Tomorrow, 6 October, Microsoft will try to surprise us. We see not only the new smartphones and the Surface Pro 4, but some other interesting products. The program promises to be rich. Of course, there may be surprises, but here are a few words about what we already know… Reed more »

Watch from Microsoft will be presented in October

Watch from Microsoft will be available in October In late may, Forbes reported that Microsoft is working on its smart device for wearing on the hand that has the shape of a bracelet and is equipped with various sensors for recording physical activity of the user and continuous measurement of body parameters such as heart… Reed more »

Photos Microsoft Lumia 850

Photos Microsoft Lumia 850 This is not the first time we can take a look at a new smartphone, but unlike previously leaked images, new photos of Microsoft Lumia 850 allow us to see it in more detail. New photos confirm the version with Golden color metallic frame (like the Lumia 830 Limited Edition). In… Reed more »