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Sound not working on computer Windows 7

Sound not working on computer Windows 7 Operating system from Microsoft called Windows 7 has a sufficiently large number of different advantages. It is extremely reliable. However, there sometimes arise problems of different types. Most often they are associated with the loss of sound as system messages, and media (movies and music). The main causes… Reed more »

Replacement of the processor

Replacement CPU If You want to upgrade your processor for more speed, you first need to check whether it is worth doing because if Your motherboard does not support higher-speed processor than You have installed, then to upgrade the processor there is no need. In order to view the compatibility of Your motherboard with other… Reed more »

Replacement computer power supply

Replacement computer power supply When the power supply fails, it must be replaced. With a few tools and this guide You will be able to do this yourself. Milestones: 1. First check out whether the warranty for your computer. 2. Make sure that it is because of the PSU You have problems with your computer.… Reed more »

to Close a hung program

To close the hung program What to do if a program hangs and does not close? Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to start task Manager or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. In the Manager window, in the tab «Applications» poke the mouse in hovering the program, then right-click, choose «go to process» We going… Reed more »

Hard disk. Questions and answers

Hard disk. Questions and answers Hard drives can be internal or external with different physical dimensions and capacity. Hard disks are the best storage devices, but You have to remember that hard drives fail and need to be concerned about the safety of Your information by copying the information to other media. What is the… Reed more »

the password reset Disk in Windows 7

The password reset disk in Windows 7 Using the password reset disk, you will be able at any time to reset Your password in Windows. How to create a password reset disk To create a password reset disk You need a blank, formatted floppy disk. 1. Insert the floppy disk into the drive. 2. Go… Reed more »

disk Defragmenter: why is it necessary?

Defragmenting. Why is it necessary? Every PC owner has heard about defragmentation and the need of its implementation. But what it is, few people know. Some believe that defragmentation and recovery is almost one and the same action, while others believe that it is associated with viruses. Deal with this in more detail. All stored… Reed more »

Upgrade old computer: pros and cons

You can upgrade your old PC or buy a new computer? Modern computers and software are improving incredibly quickly. And what yesterday was enough for almost any application, it is now running unreasonably slow. And if so, then everyone there are two ways to solve the problem is to buy a new car or upgrade… Reed more »