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What is a router

What is a router This combined device, at the household level is used to create a home or office local area network with access to the world wide web for all connected PC devices. It is a kind of highly specialized mini-computer. Performs logistic and security functions. If to speak a simple language is a… Reed more »

What is a Wi-Fi router?

What is a Wi-Fi router? Today most devices are supplied with specialized radio modules with the help of technology Wi-Fi can connect to various other devices. But the main purpose of this module is access to the Internet at high speed. Despite the development of modern technology, providers still offer an Internet by wire technology.… Reed more »

What is DNS and how does it work

What is DNS and how it works DNS is a service that provides exchange between different network segments. Its use can significantly reduce the time for information search. In this article you will learn about the basic principles of operation of the service, as well as the ways and forms of transmission over the Internet.… Reed more »

Ways to enhance WIFI signal

How to strengthen WIFI signal Today, the use of Wi-Fi for data transfer widely used. But one of the disadvantages of this method of Internet access is very limited range. To correct this fault, but it is necessary to use special tools. They can be both hardware and software. Software gain There are many ways… Reed more »

Methods of restarting the router D Link DIR 615

Ways a reboot of the router D Link DIR 615 Often advanced techniques, like router, have any internal software error. Causing the device simply ceases to work normally – not «distributes» the Internet or simply does not allow to connect to it. To resolve this difficult situation in various ways. One of the most simple… Reed more »

what router is compatible Huawei e3372

What routers are compatible Huawei e3372 To check the compatibility Huaweie3372 with the routers, should first read the enclosed technical documentation. Very often it is present in the list, which contains all models of routers, routers that are maintained by the manufacturer. You should not purchase the device if it for some reason in the… Reed more »

a Guide to setting router d link dir 620

Setup manual router d link dir 620 Configuring and connecting the router D LINK DIR 620 – a simple matter, even with low awareness about such procedures. Acquiring or planning to acquire such a device, you can not run to the master and undertake all necessary actions are worth considering in more detail. Features of… Reed more »

step-by-Step action — how to configure a router asus wl 520g

Step-by-step action — how to configure a router asus wl 520g Today our life is increasingly embedded in information technology. It’s no wonder the twenty-first century called the century of computer technologies. For faster and more convenient use of documents, various files, multimedia and other resources — was created so called world wide web known… Reed more »

step-by-Step setup the router ASUS RT N56U

Step-by-step setup the router ASUS RT N56U Despite its prevalence, many users routers still seem a rarity, requiring complex installation and subsequent configuration changes. In fact, make it your own is a snap. In this article we will discuss step-by-step process of initial training of the device and will guide you through all necessary settings.… Reed more »

step-by-Step setup router Zyxel Keenetic Start

Step-by-step setup router Zyxel Keenetic Start Zyxel Keenetic Start is llight model Zyxel Keenetic. However, Keenetic Start perfectly solve the task of connecting electronic devices to the Internet. The router will allow you to combine home computers and all sorts of gadgets to the network and provide simultaneous Internet access with multiple devices via Wi… Reed more »