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How to remove from startup and browsers?

How to get rid of browser hijackers site — a kind of hacking service. Automatically redirects to other Internet resources, mainly dedicated to the game category, —, and others. So cunning way attackers hyping their projects on the network. Naturally, users visit not on their own and not in their… Reed more »

How to remove the browser «Comet» and his panel of OS Windows?

How to uninstall the program (browser) «Comet» with a computer «Comet» — a free browser engine Chromium. Externally very similar to Google Chrome. Distributed not only through the official site of the developer (, but also through the free software installers, «collected» by the type of 2 to 1. What, in fact, bothering users. After… Reed more »

How to Remove Ads by GoSave from your computer?

How to remove the virus GoSave of Windows? Ads by GoSave — malicious application-adware (virus). It is being implemented in browsers under the guise of addons. Integrates into HTML-markup open a web page script, displaying ad units. Violates the structure and site design: difficult to use interface, slow upload content, increases the flow of traffic.… Reed more »

How to remove ads Trust Rating of the OS?

How to remove a banner from browsers Trust Rating? Trust Rating — banner randomly displayed on the website pages. Jacobs shows in percentage terms of the trust level of the site (ie, the degree of confidence in the users of the site and the search engines). In appearance, this thing seems to be quite useful… Reed more »

How to remove from the computer (from Shrome, Firefox, Opera)

How to remove a search engine from Sweet-page different browsers? — search service of dubious origin. Introduced illegally by the virus module in the operating system, the so-called «browser hijackers.» After infection, the Internet browsers on startup users see is not a trusted search engine and page Sweet-page, that causes discomfort in the process… Reed more »

How to remove from your computer?

2 working method of removing Whatever vigilance guards did not have a computer operating system — anti-virus and firewall — no, no, yes, and sometimes give a blunder. Pass all «living creatures» in the bowels of the file system — worms, trojans, rootkits. The ingenuity of hackers in conjunction with the user’s carelessness prevail.… Reed more »