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How to remove Delta Search using tools and manual

How can I remove Delta search from your computer? Delta search — simple toolbar of the same name «» search engine. It belongs to the category of potentially dangerous software: monitors user activity, collects information on a PC etc. But, unfortunately, regarded by many as a safe antivirus application. There is another fat minus in… Reed more »

How to remove Browsefox (win32) free of all browsers?

How to remove adware Browsefox from Windows Adware Browsefox — dangerous malware. On the infected PC establishes control over browsers: integrate their advertising scripts on web pages opened by the user; change the homepage (instead of Google, Yandex opens when you start a tab with It keeps track of the user’s actions in the… Reed more »

How to remove the browser and systems?

How do I remove Play-toolbar from OS Windows? If you run the Windows browser is arbitrary, without any user commands, opens site, then the PC security breach gave. Similar symptoms — a clear sign of a specialized virus — browser hijackers. Cybercriminals are spreading the malware via the software installers: repack them and add… Reed more »

How to delete history in Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer)?

How to clear the history in Internet Explorer The option save browsing history in Internet Explorer can be viewed in different ways. On the one hand, this is a very useful feature: forgot an interesting online resource to bookmark and opened a magazine, found the address and complete order. On the other hand, the data… Reed more »

How to remove Anyprotect a computer for free?

How to remove Anyprotect program from Windows Anyprotect application offers users a «golden mountain»: backups, remote file storage, quick access to them online. And that’s not all. The developers of this software miracle (allegedly!), Do not hesitate to claim that if the purchase (in the sense, Anyprotect), all for $ 59.99, the goodies will be… Reed more »

How to remove Yandex visual bookmarks in different browsers

How can I remove visual bookmarks Yandex? Visual Bookmarks from Yandex — a very useful tool in the browser, be it Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove them or replace with another, similar in function extension (for example, Fast Dial for Mozilla Firefox). If you too are inclined to… Reed more »