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Easily! Visit Blocked Sites

If you, as the Constitution of the Russian Federation, it is believed that an adult has the right to decide which sites to visit, learn simple ways to bypass any interlocks. Especially because the legislation of these cunning tricks not yet banned. Browsers with Turbo function originally created the Turbo function for Opera browsers to… Reed more »

The browser does not go to the sites

I can not go to the site! Why? Many people ask the question: » Why is the browser does not go to some sites ?». In most cases, this is a consequence of the work of viruses. Many viruses, block access to some sites, causing the browser does not go to antivirus sites VKontakte, classmates… Reed more »

How to remove instructions for popular browsers

How can I completely remove browsers — search engine. Positioning itself as a service «the answers to the questions.» It was founded in 1996. Has nothing to do with the virus, imaginary Qvo6 systems, Webalta and the like. However, sometimes the toolbar is prescribed in the browser when the application installation is… Reed more »

How to delete history in Chrome: Instructions and tips

How to delete history in Google Chrome Browser history — a list of all visited Web pages, saved in the format of the date / time / link. By and large, it is very useful because at any time provides an opportunity to link to the content (articles, audio track, video) that has not been… Reed more »

How to remove praetorian.exe and what is it?

How to remove «praetorian.exe» of browsers and systems? Praetorian.exe — a process that belongs to the application «Yandex Defender» and «Yandex Elements». It is not a file of the Windows operating system. Its functional task — to prevent changes in the home page address of all installed browsers. Despite its noble mission — to protect… Reed more »