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On the earnings in GOGETLINKS

Registration GoGetLinksWhy get into the GGL with your website so hard? Why is the system administration allows itself so easily reject the site, even sites with good performance, design, and content pages in the index? It’s simple. If you get caught with your website in GoGetLinks, then you have found a gold mine. At one… Reed more »

The images in advertising

The images in advertising. Male and female images in advertising A few examples of advertising to once again demonstrate how it operated male and female characters. Girl in white skirt meticulously looked at herself in the mirror …. Not all of myself — just, sorry, neat ass. Then she took a sanitary napkin, poured it… Reed more »

The impact of advertising on children’s psyche

The impact of advertising on children’s psyche Author: Dudarev Alina Source: Once the children quoted poems Agnes Barto and Sergei Mikhalkov, listening to bedtime stories, and watched the transfer of «Good night kids.» On a family holiday favorite, and, no doubt, a brilliant child put up on a stool, and began «Presentation». It has… Reed more »

Red, blue… celadon

Red, blue, celadon … Alina Dudarev red, aqua siniy..tsvet number in May 2002 It is no secret that advertising often irritates zritelyaPrichem intrusiveness and inappropriateness of advertising is not the only reason for which it [advertising] is not lyubyatGlupost plot and the characters themselves even more annoying And if we draw an analogy with the… Reed more »

And then the problems with bad by Yandex will not

Instead epigraph …. 6 years ago, a Russian search engine was the media sponsor of the Moscow International Advertising Festival. And the system representatives insisted that they do not like the company logo will be placed next to too provocative symbol of the festival and will be black and white instead of color. Of course,… Reed more »

Asexuality in advertising

Asexuality in advertising asexuality advertising. Unfortunately, all this is far from sex. This room (double) position corresponds to a sufficiently early stage of child development when the gender identity problem is not worth it, and we are talking about the construction of identity in general. At this stage of the child, as noted by Lacan,… Reed more »

Gender and deception in advertising

Alina Dudarev Gender and deception in advertising A. Dudarev Advertising image. Man and woman. — M., 2004, p. 156-157, 160-161. I now turn to the question of trust in advertising. This question is very important because if the advertisement is not credible, the advertised goods it will buy. I think that these words do not… Reed more »