C HDD to SSD and how much is it worth?

By | 10.12.2018

C HDD to SSD and how much is it worth?

Why replace your old hard disk to a modern SSD (solid-state) device is a significant upgrade computer? It’s very simple – increase the RAM, replace the CPU or install a newer, faster graphics and overall system speed will increase no doubt… but not always the difference will be noticeable to the naked eye, except for some individual cases, such as for example games, for example.

But replace hard disk to SSD and, lo and behold! Your slow computer will suddenly become a speed demon. Operating system that is loaded first (slowly and painfully) for a minute, now it starts in the blink of an eye. And operations like copying and moving files takes a few seconds, and even mastodon the software Adobe Photoshop is literally flying!

The reason, of course, is that SSD technology is much more modern than the classic hard drives with magnetic plates, which have been around for over half a century. This does not mean that solid state drives have no defects; the two most serious of them are still very high rates per Gigabyte of capacity and limited (comparatively) life.

What is SSD?

In practice, this array of non-volatile flash memory chips, is designed so that the operating system identificeret it as a device to record information (in other words «hard disk»).

Purely technical characteristics of solid state devices are not so important. The significance is the fact that due to the special design they have a number of advantages over traditional hard disk drives (HDD), of which the most obvious is the significantly higher speed.

Also, SSDS have no moving parts, making them ideal for use in laptops and other modern mobile devices, because they are less vulnerable to damage that can be caused by physical impact.

Moreover, solid-state devices require much less power to operate compared to conventional magnetic disks, which again makes them ideal for any laptop.

Amid all this you are probably already wondering why all computer manufacturers have not switched EN masse to this class of disks and continue to make a major bet on the good old HDD?

Time bad news – since SSD devices remain a relatively new technology, their cost per unit volume is still quite high. For example, the model with the 120GB costs about 3000 rubles. For the same price you can buy a hard drive about 7-8 times larger.

SSD – use

It is because of these above arguments, the currently most reasonable to bet on the combination of solid state devices and classic hard drive, both from a practical and from a financial point of view.

However, in the case of laptops it is not always possible, although today on the market you can find models that have a special compartment for a second hard drive. But if the laptop has an optical drive, it can also be replaced an additional hard drive (or SSD).

If the laptop comes preloaded with classic magnetic drive, you can quite easily replace it with a fast and modern SSD. Note, however, so you’ll probably have to sacrifice capacity for the speed, i.e. your laptop will work much faster, but you will have less space to store information.

This, of course, is not a particular problem and you can always move some files to an external hard drive to use them only when you need them.

Anyway, you should know that the SSD reveals the potential when used as a system drive where operating system is installed. Her work involves continual reference to the disk device (read and write), so the higher the disk speed, the faster it will perform given her team.

Click on the correct

Today, the SSD market offers a solid variety of models. Of course, they are not all created equal – some are faster than others, some more reliable and all have different capacity.

The principle which applies here is similar to the main criterion when choosing any type of storage devices – you need to divide the cost of the disk in its volume, to obtain a measure known as «cost per Gigabyte». The idea is to find the most favorable ratio to this point of view, but keep in mind another solid state device only resemble hard drives, but actually they use completely different technology.

C HDD на SSD – как и сколько это стоит?

In this regard, they have one very specific feature – their speed largely depends on their volume. So disk of 60 GB, for example, is slower than the disk capacity of 128 GB, which in turn is slower than the model with 256 gigabytes and so on. However, even the slowest SSD remains much faster the fastest hard drive, so this shouldn’t bother you.

Much more important is the so-called form factor solid-state devices. If you are going to purchase a SSD for a laptop, it is very important to know the size of the disk compartment, which is equipped with your laptop. Most modern laptops use 2.5-inch hard drives, but there are variants with bays for 1.8-inch drives, so you’d better figure it out before you go shopping.

Preparing to upgrade

The first thing to do is to decide what to do with the information that is already stored on the hard disk. The easiest way to copy it to another storage medium, such as an external hard disk. In addition, you can use one of the cloud services for online storage, but, depending on the amount of data and the speed of your Internet connection, the uploading process may be long delayed.


Hard drive replacement is one of the simplest operations you can imagine. The chances of screw up are minimal. If you are not confident in their technical knowledge and skills, then it is better to seek professional help.

In laptops hard drive is usually located under the lid at the bottom of the device. Detailed information on this issue, which is often accompanied by visual illustrations or even videos, you can look at the laptop manufacturer’s website.

C HDD на SSD – как и сколько это стоит?

Put the car cover down, remove the battery and disconnect the laptop from the network. After removing the cover disk compartment, remove the hard drive and then connect the SSD.

Also keep in mind that you have to be an optical disk or other external media with a copy of the operating system. If you are a user of OS from Microsoft, then use Windows 7, 8.x or 10 since these versions are optimized to work with SSD, but the last two are optimized much better.

The installation process you probably know – he’s not different from installing Windows on a normal hard disk.

By the way, if you have a regular computer or laptop which allows you to connect simultaneously to two disks, i.e., you have the possibility to connect the SSD without removing the hard drive, then you don’t even have to reinstall the operating system – just drag it with the HDD directly to the SSD, for example, using MiniTool Partition Wizard or AOMEI Partition Assistant, which are embedded in the automated migration wizard from HDD to SSD.

When the SSD is connected, and the operating system will be installed/transferred to it, you will get a lightning fast system, which barely even recognize your computer.

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