Bug head Emperor – fancy music player from Japan with superior sound quality

By | 10.12.2018

Bug head Emperor is an unusual player from Japan with superior sound quality

The music world moves increasingly to streaming services, and listen to music directly through YouTube, but having a good music player on the computer will never go out of fashion.

Demanding on the subject of music lovers aware of a number of such programs, which are often unknown to the General public, although they offer advantages from the point of view of sound quality and much more features in comparison with used massively by the players.

One of the best representatives of «underground» apps for listening to music is a Bug head Emperor is a free audio player for Windows designed by Japanese, Hiroyuki Yokota.

Bug head has a very attractive appearance, is easy to use, unexpectedly strongly loads the computer and does not even have a rewind feature, but instead offers a spectacular improvement in the sound you are listening to music.

Bug head Emperor – необычный аудиоплеер из Японии с превосходным качеством звука

This ugly interface hides a powerful audio player with which the music begins to sound better

The player works with any audio formats such as WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, ALAC, OGG, APE, OPUS, WMA, WV, DSD, and, of course, with MP3 files, and supports sample frequencies from 44.1 to 192 kHz at 16, 24 and 32 bit depth.

Yes, it is software that allows you to seriously play with the configuration, but which consumes a significant amount of CPU and RAM. The player may «swallow» 1.5 GB RAM and with pleasure will take advantage of Quad-core processor.

The severity of the Bug head due to the fact that it contains several different algorithms for sound processing, which are presented in different colors. With each subsequent algorithm, the sound is becoming better and computer requirements is increasingly high.

Bug head Emperor – необычный аудиоплеер из Японии с превосходным качеством звука

As already mentioned, the player offers a lot of room for control options. Due to this sound it is possible to make a cleaner, clearer and richer, while individual instruments will sound much more clear. However, if you overdo it, playback will be interrupted with the message that configuration can not take the load.

However, no matter how extensive configuration options, you generally do not have to change anything to enjoy high-quality sound. Enough to include a pre-set configuration and load any music to instantly feel the effects. Even if you are not a professional, and even if you have the most common computer speakers, you can easily hear the difference between Bug head Emperor and Winamp or Windows Media Player, for example.

Bug head works on slower computers, but very slowly (at least, the start of each song in the playlist takes at least several seconds). Since this player has existed for several years and already has a considerable audience of users on specialized forums you can find dozens of pages dedicated to him and his wonderful features.

The only thing is why Bug head is ugly and obscure interface (for someone less would be the lack of Russification). But if you taste it once to come back to any of the more popular players will be more difficult. Just their sound will seem too boring and of poor quality.

Bug head is possible on the website of the developer. To work with the program also need to install the driver ASIO4ALL.

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