The browser does not go to the sites

By | 27.04.2016

I can not go to the site! Why?

Many people ask the question: » Why is the browser does not go to some sites ?». In most cases, this is a consequence of the work of viruses.

Many viruses, block access to some sites, causing the browser does not go to antivirus sites VKontakte, classmates , and others. It is also a consequence of viruses is that when you try to open any site opens another website , for example, a porn site or advertisement.

Below we will look at what to do if the browser does not go on antivirus websites, site Classmates, Vkontakte , and other sites.

Why does not go to the sites

Consider the reasons why the browser does not go to the sites or opens another site . It’s either edit the HOSTS file is a virus or a virus substitute DNS-addresses of your network connection, or blocking certain IP-addresses, which makes it impossible to go to the websites of antivirus and other sites.

Consider the mechanism.

1) On the Internet, just as in any network, any resource has its own IP-address consists of four numbers separated by dots (eg When you type a website address into your browser, it treats it to the DNS-server. The DNS server translates text-address (domain name) to a digital IP-address of a computer and accesses. If the DNS-server provides IP-address does not correspond to the desired site, and the browser opens another site. Thus substitution of the DNS server address-virus false DNS-server gives the IP-addresses of pornographic sites or sites advertising.

2) The HOSTS file redirection registers when referring to specific domain names to IP-addresses, prescribed in this file to bypass the DNS-server. Thus, if the hosts file is modified, when referring to those sites that are registered in this file, it opens a completely different site , or receive a message «Unable to connect to remote server» . For example, instead of the contact opens another site .

3) The third common case — the blocking of virus specific IP-addresses. In this case, when you try to go to some sites the browser displays a message: » of Internet Explorer can not display the webpage «.

Do not go to antivirus sites VKontakte, classmates

The browser does not go to some sites. What to do?

So, you can not go to antivirus sites or other sites. Why does the browser does not go to the sites we have understood. Now look at what you need to do to fix the situation.

First, you must check the file hosts file . This is located in the C: \ the WINDOWS \ system32 folder \ drivers \ etc . This is a plain text file. To open it, you can use the Windows Notepad. Each row — this relation IP-address to the domain name. At the beginning of each line is the IP-address and separated by a space corresponding to the domain name. Enter the name of the node from the second column of the hosts file, the browser accesses the IP-address of the first column of the same row. IP-address refers to the local computer. The standard hosts file as follows:

standard hosts file

If you are present, for example, the type of line: , this means that when you type in the browser address, he will go to your computer and not to site. It is better to lead the hosts file to the standard form, ie, leave only one line: the localhost .

Viruses and malware are often appends their values to the hosts file, but not before putting a lot of gaps to a quick survey in the notebook could not see these values. Therefore, carefully check the file. For example, if after the line shown in the figure above, there are several blank lines (the cursor can be moved to the line), then surely somewhere there are more malicious entries.

The easiest way to select all the text by pressing the key combination the CTRL + A (the CTRL + F on a Russian keyboard layout), and then delete the contents by pressing the DEL . Then write a single line localhost and save changes to a file.

Now you need to scan your computer for viruses. Download anti-virus scanner CureIt on the stick. Download a desirable on a different computer.

Start Windows in Safe Mode. To do this, before the start of the Windows boot, press the F8 key repeatedly. In the resulting menu, select «Safe Mode»

Start CureIt with the stick and do a quick scan. Remove all detected viruses.

After all sites performed transactions should begin to open normally. Good luck in the fight against viruses! And be sure to install a reliable anti-virus, such as a free Avast

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