Box announced integration with Office Online

By | 10.12.2018

Box announced integration with Office Online

Cloud services have become one of the most interesting innovations in the tech sector in recent years and is an excellent addition to our mobile devices, so it is not surprising that this segment is quite fierce competition.

The great advantage of this service is that the data stored in the cloud, synced across all our gadgets, allowing us to go beyond the built-in memory PC, smartphone or tablet.

Yesterday, the company Box has unveiled a new feature for its service, which will allow it to expand its influence in the market of cloud-based storage of information.

A function called Box for Office Online and enables you to create and work with documents Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from any device connected to the Internet. In other words, all the tools for editing and managing files in Office Online is now available directly in the platform from the Box in a familiar environment, with any changes to documents are automatically synced between all user’s devices.

In conclusion, we note that VOH argued its cooperation with Microsoft by the fact that their users have downloaded more than 1 billion files, Word, PowerPoint and Excel in their profiles, so the company decided to simplify them and work with them.

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