Blue screen of death when loading Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

Blue screen of death when loading Windows 7

Most often the main symptom of any serious faults in Windows 7 – blue screen. And it may say how about the problems with the hardware of a personal computer and software.

To fix the problem of this type in most cases is quite simple, you can almost always do on their own. Only occasionally may need to consult a specialist.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

System setup to diagnose the problem

Often when you receive the Blue Screenof Death, it is first necessary to perform two operations in a strict sequence:

  • to disable the reboot;
  • to run a special utility.

Disable reboot will get rid of the automatic restart when you are prompted BlueScreenofDeath. This is necessary in order to know the error code that caused the emergency on a personal computer.

This operation is performed in the following way:

  • click the right mouse button on «My computer»;
  • the context menu is displayed – select the item called «properties»;
  • a new window will appear in the right pane click on «advanced system settings»;

    Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

  • select «settings» under «startup and recovery system»;
  • remove the check mark next to «automatically restart»;
  • click on «OK».

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

After performing all the above operations, the system will no longer reboot themselves. And the user can see all information about the problem that led to the emergence of a corresponding message on the display.

Most often the trouble lies in the RAM of the PC. Be sure to perform it with a special utility. The OS is already built the necessary software to achieve this goal.

Run it as follows:

  • left mouse button open the menu «START»;
  • in the search box write «Troubleshooting memory»;

    Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

  • to display the utilities tab, click on it;
  • this application will offer the user two options to resolve the situation:
    • reboot and check;
    • to check the next time.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

You must choose the first option, as it is optimal. It is important to remember that the test under consideration is fairly long.

In any case it is not necessary to interrupt the process.

Once completed the machine will reboot automatically. On the PC screen displays all the information from the scan results. This will determine the remedy.

Causes of

The problem of this type can occur due to a variety of problems.

But all of them can be divided into main categories:

  • malfunction of equipment;
  • inappropriate or incorrectly working driver;
  • software.

The surest way to determine fault is to present analysis on the monitor information at the time the Blue Screenof Death. In most cases the computer using a special character set indicates to the user on the problematic node. The better you are prepared to find in the Internet the explanations of error codes.

The malfunction of the installed equipment

Very often the problem of this type appears due to a failure in the hardware of the PC. They can occur due to improper Assembly or breakage of the chips. Quite often there is both the first and the second.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

The most common fault – swelling capacitors on the motherboard. Discover it’s very simple: you need to open the PC case and inspect the small bars on the round legs on the Motherboard. If the end part of any capacitor is bulging, replace it. The process is fairly simple, you should only pick up the component with the same capacity.

Often, such problem occurs with the power supply. The presence of swollen capacitors can also cause blue screen. It is advisable to inspect all components of the PC – damage (soot or other defects) says about the hardware faults. Often problems are tyre connection.


Very often the Blue Screen of Death arise due to improperly matched drivers. Most often this is due to the catalysts for the graphics card. This especially applies to apps downloaded from unofficial resources.

To resolve this problem simply, it is only necessary to replace the installed programs on the standard. But sometimes it happens that to deal with the problem of this type is not so simple.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

If the user does not have sufficient knowledge and experience in order to find the problematic driver, which causes BSOD, you should use the special built-in utility for this. It’s called Verifier.exe to find and run it easily.


BSOD is often caused due to the presence of any malicious application. To solve the situation helps the antivirus.

At the moment it is best to use to test PC are:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus;
  • Nod 32;
  • Dr. WEB;
  • Avast.

Sometimes BSOD appears because of the variety of applications that for some reason conflict with drivers or other software, utilities. Therefore get rid of the blue screen of death sometimes a simple uninstall recently installed programs.

The memory dump analysis utility BlueScreenView

If you have any blue screen Windows 7 – what to do? To resolve the situation you can use universal app BlueScreenView. This utility does not require installation and immediately after starting in automatic mode detects all dump files.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

Using BlueScreenViewможно easily perform communication of computer.

The process of viewing the dump is quite easy:

  • in the upper part of the window displays the memory dump file – click on the desired in the bottom pane will display the caller BSODдрайвера;
  • you must double click on the desired item – this will allow you to see the parameters in tabular format;
  • click on «settings» — «mode selected window» — «drivers found in the crash-track»;
  • click the right mouse button and choose HTMLReport.

Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

The resulting information can be sent to support, either analysed independently if the user has the appropriate knowledge, skills to do this. If necessary, you can preview the original BSOD screen with the utility. It has a very wide range of functions and many settings, because quite popular.

Video: the solution to the problem

Common errors

To deal with how to find out the cause of BSOD, simply. It is much harder to fix it. Usually the error is displayed on the monitor screen as a hexadecimal code, which simply translate into normal English.

Most likely to occur are outlined below error:

  • KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED – kernel mode for some reason started to perform an invalid procedure;
  • NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM – problem in the file system driver (ntfs.sys) or there are bad clusters in the boot area of the hard disk;
  • DATA_BUS_ERROR – problems in memory, most often associated with defective or incompatible RAM straps, or with a defective driver.
  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is performed by the CPU core and the regime turned to RAM, while using unacceptably high IRQL (most likely there is a bug in the driver);
  • STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH – corrupt the important files that make up the system library;
  • UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP – arises due to a failure of the software implementation of the divide-by-zero;
  • STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED – service failure performing any of the functions in the user mode;
  • INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE – Windows will not start took place due to the lack of access to the system partition (the defect is hardware, virus, incompatibility of installed equipment);
  • MISMATCHED_HAL – mismatch kernel to process type installed on a specific PC;
  • KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR – there is no possibility of reading the paging file (in most cases due to a damaged hard drive);
  • PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA– there are no data that are searched for in memory (reason, faulty memory).

    Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

In advance to find the translation of error codes in English or in Russian language. This will allow to simplify the task of Troubleshooting to be addressed. If for some reason to deal with the problem failed, you should contact competent professionals.

Recommendations for fixing the error blue screen Windows 7

To avoid BSOD or eliminate it after the appearance is possible by means of certain actions:

  • check the free space on the drive where operating system is installed – if it is less than 10%, it is necessary to remove any data;
  • install the latest service pack from Microsoft’s website;

    Синий экран смерти при загрузке Windows 7

  • update all the drivers installed in the operating system.
  • if installation of any additional hardware BSOD does not occur, it is advisable to check the device for compatibility with a particular OS;
  • all BIOS settings are best installed by default – wrong settings often result in a BSOD;
  • Winchester you need to check for bad sectors when detected they should be corrected;
  • it is advisable to check the temperature regime of the CPU and graphics card.

Often the cause of blue screen of death is established unlicensed operating system. Perhaps the installation of the original distribution will allow to get rid of the trouble.

The best way to solve the problem of existence of a BSOD on a PC is easy to prevent its occurrence. It is necessary to update the software and to use pirated software, operating system. Be sure to monitor hardware (temperature, dust). All this will allow you to avoid having to spend time Troubleshooting.

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