Bloomberg: Microsoft will be releasing from 3 to 6 Lumia smartphones a year

By | 10.12.2018

Bloomberg: Microsoft will be releasing from 3 to 6 Lumia smartphones in the year

Bloomberg: Microsoft будет выпускать от 3 до 6 смартфонов Lumia в год

The news that Microsoft will write off on losses of almost the entire amount paid a year ago for the phone business of Nokia, and will cut 7800 more of their employees (most of whom are engaged in the production of telephones), have shown the absolute failure of the transaction Microsoft and Nokia was a harbinger of the departure of the company from the market of smartphones. However, to bury Windows Phone is still too early.

Now Microsoft is working on Windows 10 for smartphones, although very slowly, since the main efforts are currently focused on the version for computers, and in the fall the company expected to release new flagship smartphones, the market is waiting for a very long time.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg BusinessWeek shed light on some of the plans of Microsoft for the smartphone business. According to the publication, plans of Satya Nadella envisage the production of new devices within the next 2 years, but, as already mentioned, the company will focus on certain areas. Instead of releasing a lot of similar smartphones (as it was until now), Microsoft will focus on upscale and corporate devices as well as on models that are sold in large volumes, such as Lumia 520 is the most successful smartphone with Windows Phone with more than 25 million sales. It is reported that the company will release 1-2 models in each category every year.

Additionally, Microsoft will cease cooperation with operators who are not successful as to leave certain markets where smartphones with Windows sold poorly. Of course, sales in the U.S. will continue due to its volume and value. In General, the company tries to develop a strategy similar to that which applies to Surface – they can not be called massive and is offered in a limited number of markets, but at the same time well accepted by the users.

From the letter of chief operating officer of Microsoft Kevin Turner becomes clear that the phone has a crucial role in the device catalog of the company and in the future it will try to create high-quality devices much faster with a focus on channels and markets that show the best results.

Ultimately, with the approaching debut of Windows 10 Mobile and new flagship models all doubts about the future of the mobile platform will be dispelled. and Windows Central suggests that the Lumia 940 premiere could take place in September at IFA in Berlin.

: Bloomberg, Windows Central

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