blocking Microsoft Xbox One users for swearing in Upload Studio

By | 10.12.2018

Blocks Microsoft Xbox One users for swearing in Upload Studio

More and more users complaining that their Xbox profiles was temporarily blocked after posting video of gameplay with a keenly cynical remarks and profanity. On this occasion, The Verge contacted Microsoft, who confirmed that the rules of the Xbox One Upload Studio is forbidden to download videos from obscene comments.

As punishment, apply a temporary ban on the uploading of gameplay videos, and in the case of more serious or repeated violations of the players waiting for full lock Xbox One Upload Studio.

Many believe that it is absurd. Some of the most popular gamers who post videos of their gameplay on the network, use profanity constantly, and it’s part of their formula for success. Do you think Microsoft makes a mistake?

Meanwhile, last week Microsoft congratulated the PlayStation 4 with unprecedented head start on his official page in Facebook Xbox, and now the Japanese said Microsoft back on the start of sales of Xbox One.

On the official channel of PlayStation on Twitter, Sony wished the success of the Xbox One, and the head unit for Sony PlayStation has published a message in his personal profile. For a while the idyll was broken PS on the page in Facebook, where there is advertising, which stresses the benefits of the console from Sony to a competitor, but after protests from users it was removed.

: Pocket-Lint, Twitter

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