Black screen when you turn on the computer: possible causes

By | 10.12.2018

Black screen when turning on the computer: how to proceed?

Black screen during startup of the computer indicates a definite failure of your computer. If including the computer on the monitor does not display any characters, cutscenes, and instead just shows a black screen, it is safe to say that the problems with the software part of the PC is definitely not. But here immediately begs the following questions – what is a hardware fault in the unit and how much it may cost? To answer them next and try.

The cause of the fault

The cause of the fault, leading to the fact that the screen when the computer remains black, you should look for in the monitor or the PC. Sad in the diagnosis of PC in this situation is that to pay for the replacement or repair of broken parts can be quite a lot. In addition, the diagnostic procedure is preferable to trust the professionals, as even admitted the slightest error can cause failure of more components.

Черный экран при включении компьютера: возможные причины

We next consider a more fleshed out main causes of black screen while pressing the start button of the PC. And their list is compiled taking into account the fact that the diagnosis can be performed by the user at home, without going to service center.


To check the status of the monitor by using the following sequence of actions:

  1. unplug from the mains the system unit;
  2. click start the PC on the monitor;
  3. disconnect the wire connecting the monitor with the system unit;
  4. turn on the monitor by pressing the power button.

If after that the monitor indicator lights voltage, and the screen will pop up the welcome window or the diagnostics label of the monitor (for example, to receive an inscription «NO SIGNAL»), it is likely that the monitor is OK and the problem is not in it.

But to be 100% sure whether the monitor remains healthy, it is best to connect it to another PC or laptop through connector for an external monitor.

USB connectors

Spend careful examination of the status of all USB ports on the computer, extension cable for USB and USB devices (mouse, pendrive, webcam, etc.). They should not be mechanical damage. All contacts should be broken and not serviceable. All connected to the computer USB devices should not be kinked or torn off.

If the keyboard has been filled with liquid, it must be immediately disconnected from the system unit. Carefully inspect the connectors for drives, and not less attention should be paid to inspection and of the drive, and in any case not to use such a device with even the slightest mechanical defects or noticeable smell of burning.

Черный экран при включении компьютера: возможные причины

Diagnosis of these parts of PC, if there is no longer a relevant knowledge that is purely visual in nature, and if at the end there was no defects, open the system unit to further test connectors is not recommended. It is better to entrust it to professionals.


Clear PC from it constantly and regularly, as dust is the worst enemy of all electronic equipment. When carrying out cleaning procedures is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with the function of «blowing» as in conventional suction device of the dust may damage the Board. While, however, will also be able to help in such situations and the dryer or compressor, or even a powerful pump for mattresses. Remember that dust in a PC is always there, even if its not noticeable.

To perform this «clearing» is recommended in the open space (the staircase or the balcony) with the use of protective masks and glasses.

Mechanical damage

In this case, you can meet quite different cases:

  • the system unit was flooded by any liquid;
  • inside the system unit in the course of home repairs to dripping lime or Wallpaper glue;
  • Pets gnawed wires or broken connectors;
  • the inside of the case got the nuts, coins or other metal objects of small size, which caused a short circuit, etc.

All of this requires careful examination, and if the computer still does not turn on, but it was discovered the carbon or soot, immediately need to see a specialist, and the device is in any case not include.

The above methods of diagnosis of PC are purely Advisory in nature, and if possible, should immediately, without any actions to contact an experienced specialist.

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