bill gates sold 20 million shares of Microsoft

By | 09.12.2018

Bill gates sold 20 million shares of Microsoft

Билл Гейтс продал 20 млн. акций Microsoft

Microsoft co-founder bill gates has sold another 20 million shares of the company. For the first time share billionaire in Microsoft fell below 300 million shares.

Bill gates started to sell shares of the company after stepping down as chief Executive officer (CEO). Currently, he is the holder of 298 million shares of Microsoft, according to a document published on the securities Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission). The value of the securities was 12.9 billion dollars.

According to official documents, bill gates sold 20 million shares in the period between 24 and 30 July this year at a price of $43.45 to $44.54, received cash in the amount of approximately 882 million dollars.

In General, the state of the gates is estimated at 79.2 billion (according to Forbes), making it the second most wealth on the planet after Mexican tycoon Carlos slim with $79.5 billion.

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO is the largest shareholder of the company. He currently has 333 million shares, which gives him about 4% of the shares in software giant.

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