Best software for data recovery from USB drive

By | 10.12.2018

Best software for data recovery from USB drive

Error prone when working with different types of information no one is immune. It happens that the file or folder with important contents is damaged due to system failure, virus infection or errors caused by power failure.

What to do in this case? You should know that there are many programs for recovering lost data. It is about them will be discussed in this article.

Recuva is the most popular program

One of the most popular tools for data recovery is RECUVA. This is a simple but feature-rich integration program that are working with hard drives and removable media. Has a very simple interface and lots of flexible settings.

It can help:

  • to recover lost information from different storage media which are corrupted or formatted;
  • to scan the selected disk and get detailed information about the information on it;
  • to remove unnecessary files and clean the media from «junk»;
  • to correct file system and errors that occur.

    Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Recuva will help even in such seemingly hopeless cases, such as restoring messages from mailboxes and Microsoft Word documents that were not saved.

EaseUSData Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard is a software allowing you to handle data loss of varying degrees of complexity, as well as errors resulting from various failures in work of devices, accidental formatting or file corruption. Supports hard drives on PC and a variety of external drives: USB sticks, memory cards, tablets, camera and other.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

The main features of this utility:

  • quick recovery of deleted files and folders.
  • work with damaged partitions and formatted hard drives;
  • restore from removable media;
  • the ability to create and save disk image with subsequent processing;
  • the creation of lists and recognize different types of files preview;
  • working with objects affected by virus attacks;
  • support most popular file systems.

Program to recover data from USB drive Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a small and simple utility created for recovering hard drives and external drives. Has all the necessary tools and has a very simple interface.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Its main features:

  • recovery audio and video files, documents, archives, images, and email messages.
  • the system of evaluation of files, indicating the successful recovery of each specific object;
  • support different types of removable media;
  • speed of operation;
  • the intuitive interface.

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 has earned a reputation as one of the best such programs. Supports different data types and helps to cope with task of any complexity. The utility uses a unique algorithm to search corrupted files, allowing to detect and return in a working condition different types of files and folders.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Using it may:

  • to recover information from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and other external devices;
  • to scan using the search algorithm according to certain errors, failures of equipment and problems arising from the actions of viruses;
  • to regain data deleted by using «Shift+Delete» as well as the ones that were too big to fit in the basket;
  • files deleted by certain applications and when using the command line.

MiniTool Partition Recovery

MiniTool Partition Recovery is a utility designed to «cure» deleted, lost or corrupted sectors on logical drives and their subsequent recovery.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

The program allows you to:

  • to return data with different types of devices;
  • to scan for errors;
  • supports different types of file systems;
  • easily returns to a healthy state image, audio and video, text documents and email messages.

PCInspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is one of effective programmes for the removal of the stored objects with a corrupted stick. Supports different file systems and many formats.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

PC Inspector File Recovery is:

  • recovery from damaged hard drives and removable drives;
  • identifying hard drives with deleted or corrupted boot sector;
  • support of network drives;
  • definition files, links to which are not in the directory;
  • working with a variety of popular formats.

Important! The utility cannot be installed on the media on which the files are located. To run the program you need to choose the second hard disk.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is perfect when you need to recover data deleted or damaged file systems FAT32 or NTFS. Regardless of the file type, the program will look for it to return to its original state and copy to the right place. Due to the large set of required tools, the tool will cope with tasks of any complexity.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Its features:

  • creating the object hierarchy, displays detailed information about each file;
  • fast preview allows you to view the problem file;
  • support search according to the set values: size, full or partial name, creation time and last modified;
  • work with multiple formats, different file systems, fixed and external drives.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

SoftPerfect File Recovery is a convenient tool to return health many types of files located on hard drives and removable media.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

The advantages of the program:

  • small size and free distribution;
  • the possibility of operations in the systems FAT and NTFS;
  • prompt recognition of the data providing full information about them;
  • the efficiency of the process is not dependent on media type – hard disk, flash drive, memory card, tablet or smartphone;
  • support for compressed and encrypted data;
  • the definition of most of the existing formats;
  • ease of use;
  • running the program does not require installation on hard disk.


DiscDigger program that can give a second life to data lost for different reasons. She quickly scans the correct directory, will recognize suitable files and lets you restore them.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Opportunities utilities:

  • scan with one click;
  • the return performance of the most problematic objects, damaged as a result of software malfunction;
  • recovery of images, video and audio files, and text documents;
  • ability to save results in the correct directory or send them via e-mail;
  • work with devices that have been formatted;
  • returning photos that have been deleted from the built-in phone memory;
  • support most modern operating systems.

Video: USB flash Drive asks to format it


R-Studio is a well – known program to recover deleted data from USB drive. Has a very broad set of tools for recovering data from hard drives, PCs, removable media and optical drives. Well proved in work with problems of different complexity: the return of the data after emptying the trash, items damaged due to virus attacks, and various computer failures and software.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

R-Studio is:

  • several modules to handle different tasks;
  • support for multiple file systems;
  • the ability of the imaging device or parts of it, and then work with them;
  • elimination of errors and failures that occur for various reasons;
  • save the resulting objects to any disk or removable drive;
  • viewing and editing the contents of the damaged folder.
  • the ease of use.

Flash Recovery Free restore USB flash drive

Flash Recovery Free is a program that differs a great potential for the recovery of data on different devices: computer hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, phones, tablets and e-books. With its help, virtually any type of stored objects can be returned in working condition.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

Distinctive features of Flash Recovery:

  • fast and reliable scanning;
  • the ability to recognize a variety of formats;
  • work as fixed or removable media;
  • building lists of available information from which the user can select objects;
  • a small amount program, easy to learn interface.

JetFlash Recovery Tool — repair USB drive

JetFlash Recovery Tool – a great tool for Troubleshooting failures in the USB drives.

It will help if you encounter problems such as:

  • various «glitches» of the carrier;
  • reducing the speed of data transmission;
  • the inability to read or write;
  • unknown system device.

The program is extremely easy to learn and requires no special technical skills.

Лучшие программы для восстановления данных с флешки

To rectify failures in the drive just follow a few simple steps:

  1. download and install the program;
  2. run it, and insert the USB flash drive;
  3. click the «Start» button, then begin Troubleshooting errors;
  4. after the process, the utility will provide a full report;
  5. click «Exit» to exit the application.

Please note! JetFlash Recovery Tool designed to repair error flash drive. During the debugging process the information on it will be deleted. About its safety is ensured in advance by copying the desired files to your PC.

I hope that this material has helped you to choose the appropriate tool and eliminate the problem. Now, save this page to your bookmarks, you’ll always have on hand a large selection of tools to help you deal with the loss of information of any complexity.

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