Bamboo Paper for Windows 8.x

By | 09.12.2018

Bamboo Paper for Windows 8.x

If you are inclined to creativity, you should be familiar with the Wacom, which has made a name for itself with digital graphics tablets. Despite the fact that I absolutely cannot draw, once I was lucky enough to borrow graphics tablet Wacom Bamboo, and with him I felt that this element of lightness and smoothness in the conduct of written notes and drawing on the computer.

Bamboo is the name of the line graphic tablets from Wacom. When the world began a massive shift to tablet computers, the company decided to use the popularity of its trademark Bamboo in a new segment that was quite logical. So was born the Bamboo Paper, a very popular app for nearly 3 years remained exclusive to iOS. But now it’s multiplatform: Kindle + Windows 8 + Android. Let’s see what offers version of apps for a modern platform from Microsoft.

It would be unfair to compare with the Bamboo Paper app Skitch Touch from Evernote. Even though there is functional overlap, Paper is not an annotation platform; this app serves as a paper on your device.

Bamboo Paper для Windows 8.xBamboo Paper для Windows 8.xBamboo Paper для Windows 8.x

Let’s start with the fact that the application is fully translated into Russian language. Also worth noting is that it will work on any model Surface, or other device running Windows 8.x and RT.

In the beginning, the application prompts you to create your first notebook. You can choose the cover color and type of paper (this may be changed later). You can then get to work. After opening Notepad, you will discover a very simple but extremely pleasant interface, as well as the fact that you have different styles of handles with adjustable thickness. Although Wacom recommends using their stylus, my experience is that you can do without proprietary stylus. I’ve even been using my finger and the response was almost instantaneous.

To go to the next page and back can be used as a swipe, and special interface elements which are located left and right at the bottom of the screen.

Bamboo Paper для Windows 8.xBamboo Paper для Windows 8.x

The app allows you to write (draw) with ink of different colors, and you can even import images from your gallery or device camera to create annotation. Again, Skitch is a clearly superior annotation app, but you won’t lose too much if you use Bamboo Paper.

The greatest benefit from Bamboo Paper users will have the Surface Pro, since the application is compatible with the pressure sensitivity of the stylus Surface Pen. Although there are other tablets that can easily take advantage of what Bamboo Paper offers, I have a feeling that the Surface Pro 3 and the Galaxy Note series have pushed the Wacom to create this application for Windows and Android.

Bamboo Paper

Developer: Wacom Europe GmbH

Price: Free*

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