B87: Microsoft opened the doors to its futuristic lab

By | 09.12.2018

B87: Microsoft opened the doors to its futuristic laboratory

B87: Microsoft открыла двери в свою футуристическую лабораторию

Every large tech company has at least one research center for the study and development of technologies and innovations of the future. The company Microsoft is a building called Building 87 (B87), located inside the campus in Redmond.

To introduce us to the place where brilliant people are developing and testing new products, Microsoft has decided to open the doors of its futuristic lab, running the website, which allows you to study B87 virtual way.

Virtual tour B87 opens access to three laboratories:

  • Edison Labs. This is the place where, among others, was developed by Surface and Type Cover.
  • Human factors Group. Here the company has optimized HoloLens, Xbox controller and a Microsoft Band for human biomechanics.
  • Anechoic Chamber. This anechoic chamber or a room with a super-quiet sound, where Microsoft has been testing Cortana, speakers and microphones Surface.

During the tour you will get access to videos that show the interior and activities of the laboratory, as well as very interesting research projects such as «virtual teleportation», which is created at the Edison Labs and promises to deepen forms of interaction between human and computer:

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