Autumn games – anything to entertain us the gaming industry when it’s freezing?

By | 10.12.2018

Autumn games – anything to entertain us the gaming industry when it’s freezing?

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

As usual, summer has evaporated as one day, and the unbearable heat gradually gives way to the autumn weather. Meteorologists say that in some places the cold is purely temporary in nature, but the last few rainy days reminded me that the beach and other outdoor activities will soon take place.

This, of course, means more time at home in front of your computer. Major game companies are aware of this fact, and that is why summer is a fairly slow season in terms of release of new gaming products. However, in the fall (and then winter) is coming true gamer Orgy when exciting new video games coming, one after another. And this autumn will be no exception.

Since the end of August, coming out of the shock series Premier, which should not be overlooked if you are a passionate admirer of computer games. The mention of all anticipated products would need to be excessively long list, so I chose some of the most promising, and potentially big-hit games that we will see the end of 2015.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (1 September 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

A cult futuristic, military series from Hideo kojima rarely seen in the PC version, so its appearance on this platform is a real event for all fans of the brilliant Japanese. If you are not a hardcore fan of the series, a few things in Phantom Pain can confuse you.

First, you may be wondering why the game comes with the title Metal Gear Solid V. the Reason is that appeared in March last year, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes served as a «seed» to the Phantom Pain, i.e., was not an independent game, and a kind of prologue.

In addition, if you have no other gaming platforms (particularly the PlayStation), you probably missed a large part of history with the main character, the legendary Snake, as the events in Ground Zeroes (and later in the Phantom Pain) follow what happened in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a title originally created for PlayStation Portable, and later was transferred to the HD version on the PlayStation 3.

Of course, not excluded that in the Phantom Pain, the authors will try briefly to introduce players to the storyline of the previous parts. Otherwise it would be unforgivable and would mean that many fans of stealth-action games will not be able to fully enjoy one of the most brilliant representatives of the genre.

Mad Max: The Video Game (1 September 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

Success breeds success, and apparently the people at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is very well aware of that. Honestly, often it happens – as in the case of a really successful Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (based on the film «the Lord of the rings»), and (with some reservations) the series Batman Arkham. But does the success of the upcoming video game Mad Max, which is based on the mega-successful blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road?

Genre category there are clear – action adventure in a huge open world, in which the main character max will find out who is the craziest – he or someone else.

Whether and to what extent the novelty to capture the unique atmosphere and spirit brutal film Mad Max: Fury Road – will know very soon.

Fallout 4 (10 Nov 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

Bethesda Game not by chance is one of the top RPG studios in the world. The company has managed simultaneously to shock and to enthrall a huge army of fans by announcing a new Fallout 4, to put it mildly, unusual way. After several years of persistent silence over the continuation of the fantastic Fallout 3 on June 15 at E3 2015 the developers not only confirmed that Fallout 4 will be, but also showed a nearly completed product that was developed in complete secrecy. As a result, the end of the year we will again have the opportunity to take in the melancholy world of post-apocalyptic America.

Game events will develop in another region – mostly in Boston, Massachusetts, but partly in the Commonwealth of New England. However, unlike its predecessors, Fallout 4 will start in the days before the nuclear Apocalypse and shows us a utopian world of the game, before he was incinerated by a nuclear war.

Might & Magic Heroes VII (29 September 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

Is unlikely to fans of the good old «Heroes» don’t know that for a long time this series is property of Ubisoft. With the new owners of the franchise it’s a lot of new things, like the transition from 2D to fully three-dimensional modern term. Of course, it can be argued that this is quite a controversial evolution for the game series with a status of «Golden classics», but, anyway, in autumn there are new «Heroes» who are again the work of the Studio Black Hole Entertainment. This is both good and bad news. Good, if the previous part VI you like. Bad if it disappointed you (in truth, the game received very mixed reviews).

In the new seventh edition, the authors clearly intend to stick to the formula «If it works – no need to change something». The gameplay part of the game will remain almost the same – the familiar mix of turn-based role-playing and strategic elements, tactical battles and exploration. And the events in Might & Magic Heroes VII will be to develop 200 years after the end of Shades of Darkness, full of add-ons for Might & Magic Heroes VI.

Star Wars: Battlefront (17 Nov 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

Many people do not attach importance to Star Wars video games. And not without reason. Since the advent of such classics as Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron and Knights of the Old Republic been a long time, and released the game title based on the cult franchise, frankly, not happy with the quality.

New Star Wars: Battlefront can change that. Firstly and mostly his vision. What the developers at DICE have managed to achieve using the Frostbite engine 3 – impressive (to put it mildly).

Star Wars: Battlefront promises a battle of epic scale, which in video games will not see often – that we used to see on the big screens. Separately, the authors promise unmatched authenticity – to the smallest detail in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon or cockpit frightening of all-terrain vehicles AT-AT of the galactic Empire.

More importantly, will have the opportunity to participate in all of the key battles that we saw in the movies – from the battle for ice planet Hoth («the Empire strikes back») and the attack on Endor («return of the Jedi») to military operations, developing on the mysterious planet the Jack from the prologue of a new trilogy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The only (relatively) bad news is that unlike its predecessor (introduced in 2004) the game is entirely based on multiplayer, ie will not include the single mode and the creators do not provide for this in the future.

Fable Legends (late 2015)

Осенние игры – чем будет развлекать нас игровая индустрия, когда похолодает?

Fable is a rather… strange episode. The first and the second part had a fantastic success, earning her the name of one of the most original and entertaining RPG series in history. However, the third went in completely the wrong direction and has disappointed a significant portion of fans. Fable Legends will try to fix it, but if it will work – it remains to be seen.

While there are two main things that (to some extent) guarantee the game’s success: it will be one of the first games with support for DirectX 12 technology, which also will be offered free of charge. Yes, Fable Legends will be free-to-play co-op, action role-playing game, in which you will evolve in a few hundred years after the original trilogy.

The game will feature a system of micro-transactions, ie, gamers will be able to purchase various additional services and bonuses for your character, but the authors argue that it is not mandatory, and more importantly – will not create an imbalance between players who pay and those who only wants to play for free.

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