Automatic shutdown of computer: how to set timer

By | 10.12.2018

How to set a timer to auto shutdown computer?

While watching movies or reading e-books easily to sleep. It can happen to anyone, especially while watching a movie on the laptop. You fall asleep and just boring footage films continues to flash. Sometimes you have to download something from the Internet at night and for one reason or another, there is a need to have the computer automatically turn off in the morning. Situations in which the computer needs to be switched off at certain times, there may be many, and in this case, you may come to the aid timer automatic PC shutdown.

Автоматическое выключение компьютера: как установить таймер

How to set a timer for automatic shutdown your PC

Timer setting auto-off case is not complicated. You do not need to install software or do additional configuration. The auto off function is built into Windows. Let’s see how we can set the timer to automatically turn off.

  1. Right-click the mouse on the desktop. Select create new shortcut. A dialog box will appear create a Shortcut.
  2. In the enter string: shutdown. exe -s-f -t seconds . Let us more: the shutdown command. exe is designed to run the executable that turns off the computer. Then go to the startup options. The-s option reports that you must turn off the computer. -f specifies a forced shutdown. If the application stops responding when shutting down, this setting will force it to close. This parameter is not mandatory, but for our purpose it is recommended to install. The last parameter -t specifies after what time the computer needs to shut down. After -t after a space, enter the time in seconds.
  1. Click Next and the shortcut will be created on your desktop. Specify a name and click on it every time you want to assign to automatic shutdown. If you want to change the time, click with the right mouse button on the shortcut, select properties, and change the time in the dialog box that opens.

Tip 1: This command can also be run through start->run or command prompt.

Tip 2: If you want to display the window when the countdown goes, you can add the-c option any review. Example: -c “the computer shuts down”

Tip 3: If you want to restart the computer and do not disable, replace -s to -r. Similarly, if you want to log out, then replace -s to -l.

Автоматическое выключение компьютера: как установить таймер

How to abort Shutdown

If you just woke up and wants to work on the laptop a little longer, to cancel the shutdown is not so simple. You can’t close the window or terminate the process from task Manager. But, is there a way to stop the timer without waiting for the explosion.

  1. Press the WinKey (the button with Windows icon) + R.
  2. At the prompt, enter Shutdown. exe -a.
  3. Confirm with OK. The timer will stop.

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