Asus can release your version of Microsoft HoloLens

By | 10.12.2018

Asus may launch its version of Microsoft HoloLens

Asus может выпустить свою версию Microsoft HoloLens

Some of the latest hardware products from Microsoft appeared not only because of the desire of the company to make money by selling the device, but also as a result of the desire to create a new market segment that can be available to all interested partners. So it was with Surface Pro and so maybe with a holographic computer, Microsoft HoloLens.

Speaking about the market of augmented reality glasses, which use holograms as yet premature, but Asus is already looking in this direction with great interest, the newspaper writes CNet. In particular, the Taiwanese manufacturer may be among the first to start producing their own version of HoloLens.

While nothing was decided, but Asus Chairman johnny Shih confirmed that they appreciate this option. The current position of the company he summed up with the words «We’ll wait and see.» In turn, Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President level Windows and Devices at Microsoft, said in an interview for the same publication that they encourage the development of product categories, which ultimately can lead to greater Windows ecosystem.

In other words, Microsoft HoloLens can be considered a pilot project, which, when it enters a more Mature phase, may be open to partners of Redmond. CNet suggests that Asus could theoretically be interested in selling a cheaper version of the device.

In early 2016, Microsoft will release a version of HoloLens to developers at a price of $ 3,000. Only then, with the advent of third-party and more focused on end-user applications will be possible to talk about the debut of this segment of the market.

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