Asexuality in advertising

By | 06.04.2016

Asexuality in advertising
asexuality advertising. Unfortunately, all this is far from sex. This room (double) position corresponds to a sufficiently early stage of child development when the gender identity problem is not worth it, and we are talking about the construction of identity in general. At this stage of the child, as noted by Lacan, discovers that his desire — the desire of another, «… the human desire gets its meaning in the desire to another — not so much because the other holds the key to the desired object, but because its main object — this recognition by the other «(Lacan, 1995, P.38). Advertising, addressing the people, demonstrates the recognition of its existence, with all realize and unconscious impulses, feelings, needs. We can say that between the world of advertising and the audience, «Nothing.» Community is built in line with the maximum of intimacy, which is especially pronounced in the advertising «obscene items» — diapers, Tampax, various gastrointestinal medicines, tablets of breath and other things that do not speak openly. But among its all possible and, moreover, it takes us back to those blissful childhood days when communication with my mother built around these zones and the most intimate of intimate problems. As a result, advertising plays a direct imitation of sex, where the advertised product is secondary and in general is not a mandatory element. How excessive is verbalization and desires, inscribing it in the symbolic register. The highest advertising effect is achieved when the user has no clue what he is offered, much less to any needs at this address. This is in no way an indirect recognition of the desires and remains unrecognized entity — its nothing to reflect. «As long as the desire not to learn to recognize themselves through the characters, it is probably only in the other. Initially, before connecting the linguistic activity, the desire exists only in the plane of the imaginary relation of the visual stage — the projected and alienated in the other «(Lacan, 1998, p.225). Focus advertising is precisely to erase most .raznitsu between the viewer (consumer advertising) and character. Who thinks about the relative merits of the ordinary detergent and Ferry? A character or the audience? In the ideal case — the audience as a character. Then the ferry would be in his hands, like a character. As a result, the desire actualized, for example, be as

charming young lady, everything to clean, tidy and outdo friend is not recognized and unrecognized, while at the same time is clearly visible in the other. This I did not walk into the men’s room, and advertising character, and no envy of the phallus I have simply spacers really easy! The law, as opposed to instinct, merges with the force of instincts. As a result, there is no distance, no two or more languages, there is no possibility that any omitted and not mock transformation development. The result is the destruction of the space in which there may be individual consciousness and the identity form. If we turn to the triangle to the above, the disappearance of distance between the official and popular culture, between It and the superego, leading to the disappearance of the entire space and the triangle delineates the space of individual consciousness. Places I have no choice.

Advertising refers to the male sexuality by offering something in the viewer, and assuming the presence of potency, it is possible to buy. Advertising is often seen as addressed to man and exploiting the image of women, supplied as a commodity, the commodity «… the female form, the body, the figure can not only encourage but also to awaken the customer needs, are used as operating items, stimulus needs of customers, the catalyst sales of goods and services. » In many cases we are talking about the advertisement addressed to women to encourage them to purchase deodorant, pantyhose, washing powder, tea, bouillon cubes … That allows us to speak not so much about the actual gender of recipients of advertising, much of the psychological position of male sexuality awakens both in men and in women. The abundance of advertising creates the illusion of infinity potency. Even if it is the potency of thrift and frugality. Despite the limited possibilities are endless possibilities for overcoming adverse circumstances. At the same time advertising itself occupies the position of men, seeking to «fuck» the viewer, allowing it to feel like a woman, they are looked after, that they want. Advertising aggressively invades almost any space — a film, a newspaper article, landscape, subtly marking territory. She asked me to come, promising heavenly bliss — try again, you will be happy forever.

Viewers and readers is just a passive position and the possibility of a temporary defense.

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