April 5, Quantum Break will be released simultaneously for Xbox One and Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

April 5, Quantum Break will be released simultaneously for Xbox One and Windows 10

5 апреля Quantum Break выйдет одновременно для Xbox One и Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft announced the official release date for Quantum Break – 5 April. It is noteworthy that the potential hit from the Finns from Remedy simultaneously will be available for Xbox One and Windows 10, while people who pre-ordered the console version of the game will receive a free version for the PC. Game progress will be synced, and then start playing on the computer, and continue on the console and Vice versa.

Until now it was assumed that Quantum Break will be exclusive to Xbox One, so yesterday’s announcement was very surprising. However, it fits perfectly into the global vision of the unification of the Windows. Moreover, Microsoft has long been talking about the full integration between two of the most popular (and key) gaming platforms.

While the PlayStation 4 as a whole enjoys the best reception among the gaming audience and sales ahead of Xbox One. However, such multi-platform is a competitive advantage, which neither Sony nor Nintendo (the other two key players in the market of consoles) can not offer. If Microsoft will approach this issue wisely, it can reverse the trend in the second half of the current console cycle.

Combine two of the most popular gaming platforms on the market – the Xbox One and PC can bring substantial benefits to the company, including more interesting games that will be offered as exclusives for the Xbox/Windows (recent example is Rise of the Tomb Raider, and now Quantum Break). This strategy becomes more problematic against the background of increasingly aggressive imposition of operating system Windows 10. Under the increasing onslaught of Microsoft users of previous versions of the system can cause the already quite popular «top ten» list for total domination, which inevitably will lead to a greater unification of Windows and Xbox.

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