Apps from Bing will now be produced under the brand MSN and will have a version for iOS and Android

By | 11.12.2018

Apps from Bing will now be produced under the brand MSN and will have a version for iOS and Android

The strategy of «mobile-first, cloud-first world,» Microsoft announced the rebranding of its Bing apps (news, «Sports», «Weather», «Finance», «Travel», «Food» and «Health and fitness»). Now it will be application from MSN. The change is part of a larger plan that also provides for the redesign and launch MSN apps for Android and iOS in the coming months.

Along with the major upgrade of the portal the company also moved all MSN in the web. Users interested in how to try new, modern and touch-friendly version of the portal, you can do this by visiting from any web browser.

The new home page highlights all the features of the service and now, unlike older versions, the software giant emphasized that the most important services ( Office, OneNote, OneDrive, Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Music and Skype) was given prominence at the top of the page, which the company calls a «Services Stripe».

Приложения от Bing теперь будут выпускаться под брендом MSN и получат версии для iOS и Android

More importantly, all information and personalization settings will roam between devices, regardless of whether the user uses the app in Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows, or on the web.

The previous update took place in 2012 when the company launched Windows 8.

The new MSN was launched as a beta version and is available in 55 countries, but the company hopes to remove the label «beta» in the coming weeks. Microsoft also says that 50 million unique users use the Bing app on Windows 8 and Windows Phone every month, but the move to the Internet will make this content available to more users. With this rebranding will help the company to reach 400 million users around the world as soon the application will be available for iOS and Android users.


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