Apple will allow you to watch the debut of the iPhone 6S via the Edge browser

By | 10.12.2018

Apple will allow you to watch the debut of the iPhone 6S through the browser Edge

Apple позволит понаблюдать за дебютом iPhone 6S через браузер Edge

Apple likes to let their customers feel special, even when it comes to the presentation of the new i-devices, because until now broadcast events Apple was available only to users of the respective products. This time the announcement of the new iPhone in real time can observe and PC owners running Windows 10 that use the browser Edge.

For Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac with Safari, this time Apple added Windows 10 computers using Edge. Even Chrome was not so honored.

Is this a sign of future cooperation with Microsoft, or Apple just wants to show users the «tens» of their new products and try to lure them into his camp – the future will tell. But most likely it’s just that the Edge supports HLS Protocol that Apple uses for video streaming.

Anyway, the event will be held on September 9 and you can watch it here. Perhaps for some of you this will be the first real reason to try the new browser from Microsoft.

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