Apple uses Windows in the production Mac

By | 10.12.2018

Apple uses Windows in the production of Mac

Apple likes to remind you that some of their computers they produce in the United States. On the eve of Tim cook, the CEO of the company, published in his Twitter photo the Assembly line of Mac Pro in Austin, Texas. Everything seems to be nothing but one small detail in this picture has aroused great interest among the media.

If you look closely at the iMac, which stands beside the worker, you will notice that the machine is running Windows. Ie Pro desktop Mac Pro are produced through the competitive platform of Windows running on the iMac.

Of course, it is unlikely Windows is widely used in the production process of Apple, but it’s funny to see how the CEO of the company poses a competitive operating system. For Apple it is a small PR mistake. However, it should be noted that the company, which is known for its conciseness and strictly controlled by messages in the media, rarely allows for such mistakes.

At the end of 2012, Apple promised to start manufacturing Mac computers in the United States. The company organized an Assembly in Texas, while components made in Illinois and Florida. According to earlier information, Apple has invested $100 million to manufacture computers in their home.

Tim cook also insists on tax reforms in the United States. He recently proposed to Congress to simplify the tax laws for corporations. In particular, cook wants changes that encourage companies to return revenues from overseas back to the United States, followed by invest that money in new jobs, research and development.

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