Apple iPhone 4S: overview of the key features and characteristics

By | 10.12.2018

Apple iPhone 4S: features and possibilities

Since the publication of the latest model of smartphone Apple iPhone 4S it wasn’t long before he became an international bestseller and the dream of all fans of technical innovations. And no wonder – its comfort, functionality and stylish design, as well as a huge number of apps created for him, the imagination.

Fans of just «Apple» believe that your favorite firm will never disappoint their expectations. So what are the main advantages of iPhone 4S?

Thanks to technological improvements, the speed of the smartphone and its performance has increased significantly. It provides multifunctional operation, and the intuitive interface makes switching between apps quick and easy. Games of the last generation are also easily supported by the iPhone 4S.

The smartphone has the ultra-modern Retina display («Retina») with very high resolution (960х640) and a diagonal of 3.5 inches.

Apple iPhone 4S: обзор ключевых возможностей и характеристик

Its presence significantly increased the quality of the image and made it easier to read documents and view videos. Are the models with 16, 32 and 64 GB of memory to store your contacts, photos, videos and favorite music.

The undoubted advantages of the iPhone 4S should include an 8-megapixel camera. Autofocus, flash, ability to record HD video and great quality photos and videos make the smartphone very comfortable to use. And iMovie makes it easy to mount videos on your phone.

Constantly charge the device uncomfortable, and the manufacturer has considered it – the battery life of iPhone 4S doubled compared to the previous model. You can use the gadget in the mode of intensive operation without recharging up to two days.

If you like to see the interlocutor during a conversation – Face service Time will ensure a great video. To enable it, just click the button. The presence of two intelligent antennas in any time ensure a high-quality signal, faster downloads and data transfer.

All phones are fully ready to work with any SIM card and in Russian. The warranty is 1 year.

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